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Designers Talk Meghan Markle Wearing Mismatched Earrings.

Meghan Markle's mismatched earrings designers commented on her fashion.

Last week, the "Suits" star and Prince Harry visited Wales. On the said visit, Markle rocked mismatched earrings from different designers. In her right ear, Markle donned a Polny's V-shaped, diamond Dash Ear Studs. On her left ear, she opted for the Yellow Triple Shooting Star Earring from Gabriela Artigas.

Markle's move has given the designers an idea to embrace one's personality. Both companies loved what she did. In fact, Artigas is now selling her earrings as singles. She also believes that mismatched earrings will be a classic staple to a modern woman like the next royal bride.

"We offer the options of purchasing earrings as singles," Artigas told ( People . "To embrace your own personal style is a beautiful thing. Trends come and go - however, I feel like [the mismatched earring look] will be a new classic staple for the modern woman"

"I adore Meghan's mismatched styling," Lisette Polny, founder of Zofia Day said about Markle's earrings. "In fact, it's something I do personally and suggest to all my clients 6 it's very playful!"

Polny also feels that rocking mismatched earrings shows one's personality. "I feel it shows that she has a very down-to-earth attitude while still presenting herself with sophistication," Polny explained.

Markle reportedly ( made a statement in her entire ensemble when she visited Cardiff. Aside from wearing a black ensemble, every item she wore was speaking for itself.

For instance, her earring from Zofia Day promotes giving back to the community and empowering women. Meanwhile, the accessories from Artigas was designed with a "conscious and respectful outlook towards the environment."

Meanwhile, Markle's Stella McCartney robe shows that she is pro-animal and supports the campaign against using fur and leather. Her skinny jeans from Welsh brand Hiut Denim speaks about "diplomatic dressing."

Also, her Mini Venice bag from DeMellier London supports lifesaving vaccines and treatment to save children's lives. It has a charity called A Bag, A Life that gives a percentage of its sales to the organization in every bag they sold.

In related news, Prince Harry and Markle are busy for the preparations of their royal wedding. In fact, they are reportedly going through their guest list. According to sources, the couple is ( unlikely to invite Donald Trump and the duke's good friend Barack Obama and his family for diplomatic reasons.

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