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Design with imagination.

Qanita Qamarani

Qanita Qamarani, age g, in Indonesia, created a very colorful and imaginative painting, exhibited as part of ICAF's Utopia Project at Haus der Kunst in Munich, Germany. In the painting, Qanita imagined how her house as well as others would look in the future. She feels that there might be underwater homes in the sea, where families can watch the variety of beautiful fish that swim by.

Other homes may be built in outer space and provide their families with a view of twinkling stars. Qanita's painting shows how colorful, futuristic buildings will look and the kinds of family and community activities that will take place in them. Among the activities shown are such things as classes at school, playing games, watching TV, and eating dinner.

The multi-colored buildings are shaped like domes or igloos and are connected by tube-like hallways. The viewer is able to see inside some of the buildings as well as outside, where the fish and other sea creatures are swimming around and the stars twinkle overhead. Life seems to be going on as usual but with some very exciting differences!

Faith Ringgold

A well known American artist by the name of Faith Ringgold, created a colorful "story quilt" titled, Tar Beach 2, in which she shows how exciting family life might be in a big city, if things were just a little different. Ringgold was raised in New York City and began her artistic career about 35 years ago, receiving many awards and honors for her work.

Ringgold created an entire series of painted quilts and children's books that tell the story of a little girl by the name of "Cassie" and her family. All of the stories are told from Cassie's point of view and, like Qanita, she was very imaginative! In Tar Beach 2, Cassie imagines members of her family one evening up on the rooftop in the city, relaxing and enjoying themselves. Overhead, the stars are twinkling and children are flying! Two other children lie on a blanket, looking upward, while the adults are sitting at a table. On another table, food and refreshments are laid out. Laundry hangs in the background and the city's buildings glitter with lights. The rooftop, with its tar and tarpaper, is the only "beach" that these city dwellers have to enjoy. In the story quilt, Cassie's everyday life seems to be going on with just a little dusting of magic.

The bright colors and imaginative theme of the story quilt are very similar to those in Qanita's painting. In both we see people engaged in everyday activities but with several imaginative twists.

In Faith Ringgold's story quilt, children fly--in Qanita's painting, children attend school under the sea. One of the favorite subjects of artists is "the future" and imagining how things might be someday.

Qanita and Faith Ringgold have both shown us how imagination can become the subject of artists' work.

Tar Beach 2, Faith Ringgold


Tar Beach 2 can be viewed online at:
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