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Design of the times; Fashion students will be showcasing their designs at the Baltic next month. LIZ LAMB has a sneak preview from the stars of tomorrow.

Byline: LIZ LAMB

FASHION students at Northumbria University have been showcasing their designs ahead of a catwalk show at Baltic.

Established more than 50 years ago, fashion at Northumbria's School of Design, is internationally recognised for producing innovative and hands-on designers.

Graduates are now working for high-profile companies including Ralph Lauren, Louis Vuitton, Abercrombie & Fitch and ESCADA.

This year's final year students are hoping to secure a future in fashion and will be showing off their designs at Northumbria University's School of Design Fashion Show on May 19.

The event will be attended by Press, stylists, photographers and buyers looking for the next big thing.

Here we showcase some of the work: JENNI MOORE An obsession with body image and form led Jenni Moore to design a menswear collection that allows men to appear to change their shape.

Heavily influenced by body-building - her dad was a bodybuilder when she was a child - her designs seek to provide slim men with a more masculine shape.

Jenni, of Backworth, Newcastle, said: "The collection focuses on how a man can change his silhouette through training and how this shape can be imitated by sculpting a garment. Specific body areas such as muscles and veins have become a pivotal point of my research - pleating and draping has been used to emulate their texture. '' JULIE YEUNG Julie Yeung, 25, is originally from Glasgow but now lives in Heaton. Her contemporary capsule collection is based on the Japanese concept of making a garment from just one piece of fabric.

Like the kimono, she has diverted attention EMMA DOBSON Emma Dobson, 23, from South West Denton, Newcastle, has based her collection on the creative style of American socialite and model Edie Bouvier Beale who created a reputation for re-using and mismatching garments. Emma has used scraps of material from suppliers and friends' unwanted clothes to make her designs which are made out of a mix of textures and fabrics and have a vintage feel to them.

"My aim was to create a 'magpie montage' a purposefully thrown together look. I wanted to show how an eclectic collection of reclaimed remnants, salvaged seconds and found fabrications could be fused together to take on a whole new lease of life,'' she said.

LAURA BAILEY The film Pan's Labyrinth is the inspiration to the collection by Laura Bailey, 22, who hails from York but who now lives in Jesmond.

Her collection is inspired by the worlds of fantasy and realism and she has based her collection on the idea of a woman with a split personality. She said: "I've incorporated a lot of contrast in my designs - heavy wools sit alongside organzas, shine with matt and leather with soft jerseys which emphasise both the wearability of my garments but also the "wow'' factor. I have used a colour palette which starts with light colours and moves towards a more gothic palette of grey, navy and black before returning to white at the end to symobolise hope.'' DEBORAH HARKINS The 22-year-old has drawn inspiration for her collection from the clothing worn by the British Antarctic explorers and the traditional Inuit costume.

Her menswear collection features sheep skin, corduroy and knitwear to provide a "worn feel'' to them.

"My work is inspired by functional and practical clothing from the past and the stories that go with it. Other influences are derived from craftsmanship used in the production of indigenous clothing and artefacts. The feel of my collection is cosy, comfortable, very functional and wearable for the modern man.'' HARRIET FERRIS The French Revolution is the inspiration for 22-year-old Harriet Ferris from London.

She said: "I am looking at historic techniques, such as lace-making and smocking and re-working it by experimenting with fabrication to create something new and contemporary.'' Harriet is hole-punching shapes from leather to put a contemporary twist on lace-making and incorporating shapes from 18th Century artefacts in her designs.

JENNIFER BROOM A collection inspired by the RAF is being showcased by 22-year-old Jennifer Broom. Jennifer, from Coxhoe, County Durham, uses harnesses in her collection to give the effect of parachutes.

Her womenswear collection features silk dresses with leather and suede harnesses at the waist and over the shoulders.

"It's quite a casual look but I'm aiming at the high end of the market,'' she said.

ELLEN BARNES The 23-year-old of Heaton, Newcastle, has based her womenswear collection on the 1950s after being inspired by classic films such as High Society and Rear Window.

She said: "I take classic pieces such as the trench coat and suit and update them by playing with proportion and scale. My designs feature traditional fabrics such as checks.'' ? Tickets to the fashion show can be bought from /sd/academic/scd/whatson/news/fsnewcastle


away from the front of each garment, using the back as the main focal point in the design process. "My collection involves fusing unusual fabrics together, such as a firm satin organza paired with a superfine pig suede, and I have created my own range of unique hybridised fabrication that gives volume, while retaining a fluid handle to strike a delicate balance between soft and sculptural forms.''
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Publication:The Journal (Newcastle, England)
Date:Apr 18, 2011
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