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Design of electrical lighting of the village - solectwo New World.

Tenders are invited for Design of electrical lighting of the village - solectwo New World

determining the object and the size or scope of the order: 1. The contract is for Design of electrical lighting of the village - solectwo the New World with the construction of the line lighting along with obtaining grid connection conditions Enea Lighting sp. Oo Governor and the decision on the approval of Zielona Gora construction project and granting a building permit or submitting your works do not require a building permit in the New World on plot no. 110 and op. 111 in lane municipal road length approx. 1,230 m, with the planned 34 poles with steel luminaires sodium . Order is the development of: 1) the design documentation, including: a) construction projects, in terms of taking into account the specificity of works together with the draft land development - in 4 copies, b) project implementation - in 4 copies, c) detailed bill of quantities with the calculation of the amount of units and an indication that the item Takeoff applicable - 1 set., d) simplified bill of quantities (number of units for the type of work given collectively) - 1 pcs., e) information on the security plan and health - in 1 copy, 2) specification technical performance and acceptance of works by industry - 1 set, 3) traffic organization plan for the duration of the works - in 4 copies, 4) studies of cost, which include: a) estimates Investor simplified - in 2 copies, b) estimates Investor details with the juxtaposition of materials and equipment - in 2 copies, c) cost estimates simplified (without prices) - in 2 copies, d) summary statement of costs drawn up on the basis of the investment cost estimates - in 1 copy, e) maps for design purposes to the extent necessary to develop project documentation.2. The amounts specified in paragraph copies. 1 are the amounts which the Contractor must provide the Purchaser, and do not include copies of the necessary conditions to obtain, opinions, agreements, approvals, decisions, construction permit or notification of works to the competent authority, etc. 3. In the implementation of the order: 1) submit to acceptance of the Purchaser concept, taking into account the requirements of the Employer, prior to a comprehensive design documentation, 2) to develop the design documentation, necessary to obtain a decision on the building permit or filing works, to which no objections are raised in accordance with the applicable laws, 3) to obtain all the necessary conditions, opinions, agreements, approval decisions, including eg., if they are required: a water permit, the decision on environmental conditions of approval for the project, permits, etc., all charges connected therewith shall be borne by the Contractor, 4) depending on the legal requirements to obtain a final decision on the construction permit with the approval or to make a declaration to the competent authority, to which no objections are raised, along with incurring any costs in t

Major organization : MUNICIPALITY SULECHW

Address : Town Hall Square 6 6,

66-100 Sulechw,

province. lubuskie

Country :Poland

Url :

Notice type : Tender Notice

Open date : 2016-05-19

Tender documents : T33531196.htm

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Publication:Mena Report
Date:May 12, 2016
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