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Design for Manufacturing and Life Cycle (DFMLC).

The primary activity of the Design for Manufacturing and the Life Cycle Technical Committee (DFMLC TC) is organizing the DFMLC Conference as a part of the ASME International Design Engineering Technical Conferences. It has become a primary international forum for the exchange of technical and scientific information on the theory and practice of design for manufacturing and life cycle engineering methods. Derrick Tate (Conference Chair--Texas Tech), Fu Zhao (Program Chair--Purdue), and Karl Haapala (Special Session Chair Oregon State) organized the 2013 DFMLC Conference, which resulted in 48 papers presented in 10 sessions.

In recent years, conference organizers have worked to increase the scope of the papers presented, especially in the areas of design for environment and other life cycle engineering concerns. This year, there were substantial submissions in the area of sustainable design, which resulted in three separate sessions and 15 papers on that topic. The DFMLC TC hosted two panel sessions--Entertainment Engineering organized by John Wesner (Adjunct Professor at Carnegie Mellon) and Global Trends in Manufacturing organized by Karl Haapala (Oregon State) and Jeff Mason (President at Integrated Facility Services, LLC of Portland, OR)--and co-hosted one panel session on Advanced Manufacturing with Mechanisms and Robotics Technical Committee.

Dr. Karthik Ramani (Purdue University) was honored as the third recipient of the DFMLC Ishii-Toshiba award. This award is given to recognize the sustained meritorious contributions to the use of optimization and other modeling techniques to support design, manufacturing and the life cycle management decisions in product development. It was established in memory of the late Kosuke Ishii, a professor of mechanical engineering at Stanford University. If you are aware of candidates that meet the above criteria, please consider nominating them. Their nomination package will remain in active consideration for a three year period.

As we look to the future, the DFMLC TC seeks to continue to be an important avenue for disseminating research into sustainable design, as well as to continue to foster international collaborations in support of research efforts in design for manufacturing and life cycle engineering. In addition, we seek to increase industry participation, so that we, as a research community, are more meaningfully engaged in addressing the technical problems that are relevant to industry. Lastly, we have been researching our roots and encourage any past DFM'ers, to reach out and reconnect with us!

We welcome you to the 20U DFMLC Conference in Buffalo, New York, for which Fu Zhao (Purdue) will be the conference chair and Karl Haapala will be the program chair. The new Special Sessions Chair will be selected for the 2014 IDETC/CIE. The DFMLC Technical Committee officers for 2013-2014 are Gul Kremer (Chair--Penn State), Qingjin

Shun Takai, Committee Chair

Peng (Vice-Chair--University of Manitoba), and Derrick Tate (Secretary--Texas Tech). For more information, please contact Shun Takai (2012-2013 DFMLC TC Chair) at

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Date:Nov 1, 2013
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