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A Novel Dual Ultrawideband CPW-Fed Printed Antenna for Internet of Things (IoT) Applications. Awais, Qasim; Chattha, Hassan Tariq; Jamil, Mohsin; Jin, Yang; Tahir, Farooq Ahmad; Rehman, Masood U Jan 1, 2018 4340
Radiation Pattern Reconfigurable Waveguide Slot Array Antenna Using Liquid Crystal. Shi, Hongyu; Li, Jianxing; Zhu, Shitao; Zhang, Anxue; Xu, Zhuo Jan 1, 2018 4406
A Compact CPW Fed CRR Loaded Four Element Metamaterial Array Antenna for Wireless Application. Mishra, Naveen; Chaudhary, Raghvendra Kumar Report Jun 1, 2017 4380
An Experimental Study of Acoustic Emission Waveguides. Ono, Kanji Report Jan 1, 2017 9968
Design of a SIW Bandpass Filter Using Defected Ground Structure with CSRRs. Li, Weiping; Tang, Zongxi; Cao, Xin Report Jan 1, 2017 2466
Propagation in Diagonal Anisotropic Chirowaveguides. Aib, S.; Benabdelaziz, F.; Zebiri, C.; Sayad, D. Report Jan 1, 2017 3803
Lightwave Logic unveils P2IC design platform for telecom, datacom industries. Jul 14, 2016 151
Lightwave Logic unveils P2IC design platform for telecom, datacom industries. Jul 14, 2016 137
Lightwave Logic unveils P2IC design platform for telecom, datacom industries. Jul 14, 2016 151
Design of pulse waveform for waveform division multiple access UWB wireless communication system. Yin, Zhendong; Wang, Zhirui; Liu, Xiaohui; Wu, Zhilu Report Jan 1, 2014 4964
Characterization of lossy SIW resonators based on multilayer perceptron neural networks on graphics processing unit. Amendola, Giandomenico; Angiulli, Giovanni; Arnieri, Emilio; Boccia, Luigi; De Carlo, Domenico Abstract Sep 1, 2013 3796
Textile artificial magnetic conductor waveguide jacket for on-body transmission enhancement. Kamardin, Kamilia; Rahim, Mohamad K.A.; Samsuri, Noor A.; Jalil, Mohd E.; Idris, Izni H. Report Sep 1, 2013 5939
Guided-mode resonance filter compensated to operate on a curved surface. Rumpf, Raymond C.; Gates, Marvin; Kozikowski, Carrie; Davis, William A. Abstract Jul 1, 2013 2793
Design of a novel broadband EMC double ridged guide horn antenna. Tenigeer; Zhang, Ning; Qiu, Jinghui; Zhang, Pengyu; Zhang, Yang Abstract Jun 1, 2013 2279
A loop-type end-launcher for carbon fiber reinforced polymer waveguides. Bojovschi, Alexe; Gray, Derek; Ghorbani, Kamran Report Apr 1, 2013 4634
Influence of the spot-size and cross-section on the output fields and power density along the straight hollow waveguide. Menachem, Zion; Tapuchi, Saad Abstract Mar 1, 2013 6095
Radar array diagnosis from undersampled data using a compressed sensing/sparse recovery technique. Costanzo, S.; Borgia, A.; Massa, G. Di; Pinchera, D.; Migliore, M.D. Report Jan 1, 2013 2300
Optimal design of an ultrasmall SOI-based 1 x 8 flat-top AWG by using an MMI. Li, Hongqiang; Bai, Yaoting; Dong, Xiaye; Li, Enbang; Li, Yang; Liu, Yu; Zhou, Wenqian Report Jan 1, 2013 2810
Integrated waveguide structure for highly sensitive THz spectroscopy of nano-liter liquids in capillary tubes. Matvejev, V.; de Tandt, C.; Ranson, W.; Stiens, J.; Vounckx, R.; Mangelings, D. Report Nov 1, 2011 3685
Single mode circular waveguide applicator for microwave heating of oblong objects in food research/Pailgos formos objektu mikrobanginio kaitinimo irenginys tyrimams atlikti maisto pramoneje. Kybartas, D.; Ibenskis, E.; Surna, R. Report Aug 1, 2011 2204
A novel quasi-elliptic waveguide transmit reject filter for Ku-band VSAT transceivers. Xu, Z.-B.; Guo, J.; Qian, C.; Dou, W.-B. Report Jul 1, 2011 4219
Design and characterization of planar waveguide new optical add and drop multiplexer by using beam propagation method simulator. Ab-Rahman, Mohammad Syuhaimi Technical report Apr 1, 2011 2120
Using guided wavelength as a basis for the design of dielectric rod antennas. (Technical Feature). Everett, Carl L. May 1, 2003 2462
A tunable, dielectric-loaded waveguide filter. Cover Story Aug 1, 1998 1023
Design of unequal h-plane waveguide power dividers for array applications. Joubert, J.; Rengarajan, S.R. Feb 1, 1997 3121
An asymmetrical coplanar waveguide for use with a coplanar Wilkinson power divider. Jaisson, Denis Nov 1, 1995 2249
New mode-matching building blocks for common circuit CAD programs. Sieverding, T.; Papziner, U.; Wolf, T.; Arndt, F. Dec 1, 1993 3508
Improved waveguide cross guide couplers. Seguin, David J. Nov 1, 1992 1844
Applications of a high power four-way power divider and combiner and a cross-over circuit. Kai Chang; Ming-yi Li; Hummer, Kenneth A.; Speciale, Ross A. Nov 1, 1991 2887
Broadband characterization of conductor-backed coplanar waveguide using accurate on-wafer measurement techniques. Shih, Yi-Chi Apr 1, 1991 2516
Sensitivity analysis of the Lange coupler. Waugh, Raymond W. Nov 1, 1989 1553
Cascaded Lange couplers. Louw, H.J.; Nortier, J.R. Nov 1, 1989 573

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