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Miroku .38 Special Revolver? Owens, Gary Jun 1, 2018 282
Pearl Hart's revolver. Murphy, Tom Aug 1, 2017 525
Velo dog. Shell, Bob Oct 1, 2015 478
Up in smoke: cap-and-ball wheelguns are tons of fun to shoot, and you might get a history lesson in the process. Hacker, Rick Jun 1, 2014 2009
Know your limitations: the optimal carry gun is the one that gets the job done best. Nance, Richard Feb 1, 2014 673
Close encounter with the Taurus Raging Bull: I wouldn't consider this hand cannon for concealed carry but, for versatility, it's tough to beat. Blood, Chick Feb 1, 2013 2161
H&R revolver. Edwins, Wayne Brief article Mar 1, 2012 332
The revolvers of Leopold and Johann Gasser--part 1 big, ugly and rugged! Keep that "badge of rank" stuff; in the Balkans, they demanded stopping power and were willing to carry a big revolver to get it. Without a Gasser in your sash, you just weren't much of a man. Scarlata, Paul Nov 20, 2011 2338
More than an oddity the Revol'ver Sistemy Nagana obr. 1895g: its unusual gas-sealing system was an evolutionary dead end, but the Nagant revolver was part of an amazing amount of history in more than a half-century of service. Scarlata, Paul Oct 20, 2011 2165
Reclaiming a rent-a-cop revolver: Coffield applies some wheelgun wizardry to a popularly-priced Smith Model 64 from J&G Sales, turning it into something new. Coffield, Reid Oct 10, 2010 4161
Colt .38 Special Bisley. James, Garry Brief article Jul 28, 2010 267
11mm German Colt 1878. James, Garry Brief article Jul 28, 2010 306
Double action or semi-auto ... old school big bore. James, Frank W. Nov 10, 2009 1575
Chamber burrs. Coffield, Reid Sep 10, 2009 585
Nagant target revolver. Coffield, Reid Brief article Jan 10, 2009 353
CZ82 rechambering? Slack, Jim Brief article Oct 1, 2008 150
Working Colt's model 1877 double-action revolvers: known in .38 caliber as the Lightning and in .41 caliber as the Thunderer, the complicated design and less-than-robust construction did nothing to diminish the popularity of these revolvers. Chicoine, David R. Jun 1, 2006 1794
Smith & Wesson's 'Airlite' Revolvers. Arnold, David W. Apr 1, 2000 2731
Fitting the defensive firearm: "making the trusty six-gun a perfect fit." (retrofitting of revolvers for self-defense purposes) Ayoob, Massad Sep 1, 1993 1267
Ruger's new Bisleys super single actions. Libourel, Jan Sep 1, 1985 1908
Ruger's first .44 magnum; this no-nonsense sixgun launched the .44 magnum into single-action history. Renner, Roger column Apr 1, 1985 1511
S&W .44 special combat sixgun. French, Howard E. Dec 1, 1984 2423
The M-1895 Nagant revolver. Shimek, Robert T. Apr 1, 1984 1956

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