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Development of Real-Time Maneuver Library Generation Technique for Implementing Tactical Maneuvers of Fixed-Wing Aircraft. Lee, Do hyeon; Kim, Chang-Joo; Heo, Man Jung; Hwang, Joo Wan; Lyu, Hee Gyeong; Lee, Jun Yeop Jan 1, 2020 5678
MERIT AWARDS. Oct 22, 2018 1222
By Design Not By Default: Designing a New Library. Parker, Eleanor Sep 22, 2018 1861
Comparative Building Costs: LIBRARIES. Aug 1, 2018 484
Qualstar to design optical disc library for Sony Imagaing. Apr 9, 2018 103
GRAND DESIGN; This immaculate five-bedroom was designed by the architect of Huddersfield Library and boasts landscaped gardens and stunning period detail. Jan 11, 2018 380
A Spring in the Desert. Smith, Roger Guest commentary Jan 1, 2018 1602
Toward a new perspective on library space: the new potential of library space resides in its ability to inspire the imagination and be a springboard for digital solutions that stay with our users wherever they go in their lives. Huwe, Terence K. Oct 1, 2015 1738
Architects transform lawn to create new outdoor kids area for library. Sep 9, 2015 361
Library project moves forward. Jun 24, 2015 318
Library designs go on show. Nov 4, 2014 121
'How not to lobby for a library'. Column May 1, 2014 235
New library will stand out in town centre; Bigger design with aim for 2016 opening. Aug 23, 2013 418
New library 'looks like it's built from Lego' Councillors criticise university design - but pass plans anyway. Apr 9, 2013 312
Editorial. Column Dec 22, 2012 501
Kids' designs take pride of place on library wall. Oct 27, 2012 298
Library gets a distinctive landscape. Jul 16, 2012 157
Landscaping work finished at library. Jul 12, 2012 207
Displays!; dynamic design ideas for your library step by step. Book review Apr 1, 2012 128
Crawford library celebrates LEED certification; Building green cost more initially, but will save thousands over time. Dec 15, 2011 625
Queens Library's children center exemplifies city's new approach to architecture. Oct 10, 2011 257
Market your library like a bookstore. Tarbett, Megan Oct 1, 2011 1789
Library sets example. Blaevoet, Jeffrey; Harriman, Chien Si Report Sep 1, 2011 1828
A collector's item: once a novel curiosity on display, electric light reveals art and architecture at the Morgan library & museum. Hall, Elizabeth Aug 1, 2011 2059
Funky town teen room: Palm Harbor Library, Florida. Banks, Katie Dec 1, 2010 1634
Designing space for children and teens in libraries and public places. Book review Nov 1, 2010 138
Architecting new library frameworks. Breeding, Marshall Oct 1, 2010 1643
If we build it, will they still come? Balas, Janet L. Oct 1, 2010 602
Hearts, minds, and the library's physical space. Huwe, Terence K. Oct 1, 2010 1813
Donald E. Axinn '51, Litt. D. '89 Center for Literary and Cultural Studies at Starr Library: honor award for excellence in architecture addition. Brief article Oct 1, 2009 233
Kopenick Library: Brund Fioretti Marquez Architekten. Gregory, Rob May 1, 2009 564
Munster library gives cause for great hopes for Bolles-Wilson's Milan project. Cook, Peter Viewpoint essay Jul 1, 2008 896
Books in the barrios. Stalker, Ian Jan 1, 2008 586
My virtual assistant saves the day: as a solo librarian, I needed to accomplish more work in less time. Setting up a software-based 'virtual assistant' made that possible. Weldon, Lorette S.J. Nov 1, 2007 3184
Notes for notes. Blazekovic, Zdravko; Merakos, Stephanie Sep 1, 2007 1045
Required reading: With extensive new accommodation, above and below ground, Renzo Piano brings unity and order to the Morgan Library. Webb, Michael Jun 1, 2006 1058
Local knowledge: Green, lively and robust, this branch library adds vigour to a Seattle neighbourhood. Slessor, Catherine Jun 1, 2006 584
Reading history: This new library in a provincial Portuguese town makes resonant connections with history. Slessor, Catherine Jun 1, 2006 557
"The Gesture": Macedonian Museum of Contemporary Art. Cafopoulos, Catherine Mar 1, 2006 508
Designs for Change: Libraries and Productive Aging. Report on the National Library Leaders Forum (Washington, DC, September 26-27, 2005). Zeisel, William Jan 1, 2006 386
Stack effect: Ken Yeang's ongoing quest for ecological propriety gathers momentum in Singapore. Richards, Ivor Jul 1, 2005 672
McCullough Mulvin: arts centre and library, Thurles, Co Tipperary, Ireland. Brief Article Apr 1, 2005 232
Screen Media Ventures offers star-studded movies. Brief Article Nov 1, 2004 223
'Thrusting forward': a note on the armorial bearings. Park, Kenneth W. Sep 22, 2004 1810
Unfolding knowledge: the latest addition to Magdeburg University's campus is a new library with a generous, dynamic interior. Brensing, Christian Feb 1, 2004 901
Glass cloister: clad in a shimmering glazed skin, Japan's new national library is a dignified modern shrine to the transforming power of knowledge that explores the properties of glass. Chow, Phoebe Aug 1, 2003 844
The Elmer L. Andersen Library: accomplishing the impossible. Kelsey, Donald G. Jun 22, 2003 4993
The library after 150 years. Schwirtlich, Anne Marie Mar 22, 2003 709
Address presented by the Trustees to his Excellency Major-General Macarthur, acting governor, at the opening of the library, 11 February 1856. McArthur, David Charteris Mar 22, 2003 1531
'The pride of Melbourne': impressions of the library in words and pictures. Barnes, John Mar 22, 2003 7803
The dome. Lewis, Miles Mar 22, 2003 3559
The State Library: the challenge of redevelopment. Baigent, Philip Mar 22, 2003 2668
A ribbon of words: wall quotations in the La Trobe Reading Room. Harboe-Ree, Cathrine Mar 22, 2003 3246
Light box: part of a plan to revive the urban realm and create a sense of neighbourhood identity, this new mediatheque combines formal rigour with material invention. Such, Robert Brief Article Jul 1, 2002 776
How we set up enterprisewide access to our laboratory notebooks: In order to interactively track lab notebooks and provide direct access to users globally, we indexed these notebooks and made them searchable from a database. Hentz, Margaret Bell Apr 1, 2002 3212
In the Footsteps of Lincoln: The Illinois Years - The Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum. olsen, eric p. Brief Article Feb 1, 2002 260
Making History: On the site of a Victorian public baths, a new library and archive illuminates women's lives and is a model of good practice in environmental regulation. Slessor, Catherine Jan 1, 2002 1412
Light read: One of the world's greatest academic libraries has been radically transformed from a dull badly-converted commercial building by giving it a new focus full of light and air. (interior design). McGuire, Penny Brief Article Nov 1, 2001 605
View. Aug 1, 2001 1868
New Nashville Library Follows National Trend. Brief Article Jun 11, 2001 670
Egyptian tomes. Hoh, Erling Apr 1, 2001 1436
The Evolving Digital Library. Guenther, Kim Feb 1, 2000 1800
Ships in time. Grey, Eleanor Jun 1, 1999 680
Book bunker. Van Cleef, Connie Mar 1, 1999 889
Speaking volumes. Jones, Peter Blundell Jun 1, 1998 823
Ship of culture. Joubert, Paul Feb 1, 1998 549
Presidential Library checks in. Waldon, George Nov 17, 1997 759
East Markham revisited. Nov 17, 1997 538
Literary executor. Underwood, Dan Oct 1, 1997 785
Installing a CD-ROM network in an historic building. Walth, Laura; Bowers, Peter Oct 1, 1997 2058
The cybermobile: a gateway for public access to network-based information. Drumm, John E.; Groom, Frank M. Jan 1, 1997 2913
Outrage. Davey, Peter Jan 1, 1997 401
Trees of knowledge. Mendez, Raymond Jan 1, 1997 536
Aesthetics vs. access. Patterson, Maureen Nov 1, 1996 537
Private study. McGuire, Penny Aug 1, 1996 402
Improving information accessibility through computer-assisted adjacency modeling. Edgerton, Janet Gebbie; Taylor, Raymond G. Jun 22, 1996 2662
Grand gesture. Slessor, Catherine Jul 1, 1995 967
Academic prowess. Ellis, John Apr 1, 1995 2088
Suburban bibliophile. Slessor, Catherine Mar 1, 1995 812
Learning curves. Bream, Mary Jan 1, 1995 741
Volume of volumes. Grieve, Amanda Jan 1, 1995 723
Drum role. McGuire, Penny Dec 1, 1994 674
The literary dimension. McGuire, Penny Jun 1, 1994 588

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