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When and How to Clean/Flush Selective Coating Equipment: Build-in cleaning time during chemistry changeovers and after extended line shutdowns. Eveline, Matt Oct 1, 2019 594
Libas Designs migrates to NSE mainboard. Jul 23, 2019 307
How RIGID-FLEX PCB DESIGN Configurations are Advancing: Odd-layer-count boards are not only manufacturable, but at times preferable. Tome, Paul Jun 1, 2018 2221
Key Factors Affecting Printed Circuit Board Cost: Think ahead, because the cost of a PCB is essentially designed into it. Akber, Roy Nov 1, 2017 917
Stable Delay of Microstrip Line with Side Grounded Conductors. Gazizov, T.R.; Salov, V.K.; Kuksenko, S.P. Report Jan 1, 2017 2667
New developments in photonic sintering pave the way for flexible electronics. Frishberg, Manny Sep 1, 2016 1264
Options for reducing EMI on a PCB design: don't panic. Several options exist for suppressing or containing unwanted emissions. Carrier, Patrick Jun 1, 2015 1170
Mathematic model of heat transport in materials during cutting process. Janacova, Dagmar; Mokrejs, Pavel; Vasek, Vladimir; Drga, Rudolf; Liska, Ondrej; Krenek, Jiri Technical report Jan 1, 2015 1559
Inside the PCB: knowledge of how each LED's printed circuit board system can potentially fail will result in better design. Plank, Jerry Dec 1, 2013 865
A noise suppression technique using dual layer spirals with various ground structure for high-speed PCBS. Chung, Tong-Ho; Kang, Hee-Do; Song, Tae-Lim; Yook, Jong-Gwan Abstract Jan 1, 2013 4868
Dynamic FPGA interface design in static PCB flows: unlike common parts, each FPGA is unique to the design. Swetana, Frank Jul 1, 2011 653
RF and PCB design: RF conductors form actual circuit components, a major difference from signal or static power voltage traces. Forbes, Mark Mar 1, 2011 694
Generalized I/O timing analysis, part 2: the second of a two-part series looks at how timing and PCB trace lengths affect different real systems, and design tricks for tuning timing. Nagy, Istvan Nov 1, 2010 4297
No reassembly required: how working in tandem applies to barbecues, car washing and PCB design. Metcalfe, Jamie Oct 1, 2010 1746
Designing the optimal board for IC Testing. Sherry, Jeff Sep 1, 2010 2813
PCB design for defect-free selective soldering General guidelines for SnPb and Pb-free alloys. Jan 1, 2010 968
Managing crosstalk and ground bounce: designing for higher speeds and operating frequencies demands close scrutiny to minimize the effects of unwanted energy transfer and noise in the system. Ali, Syed W. Jul 1, 2009 1585
IC package to PCB co-design: advances in IC packages provide designers with pin assignment control that reduces routing time, improves signal integrity and reduces layer count. Jordan, Benjamin Mar 1, 2009 1924
Solve design problems with signal integrity optimization: optimization routines save time by using automated methods to determine if performance goals are met. Zabinski, Pat; Buhrow, Ben; Gilbert, Barry; Daniel, Erik Apr 1, 2008 2084
Benefits of implementing differential pairs: when using differential circuits, specific, design rules can maximize the advantages while minimizing design-induced difficulties. Ali, Syed W. Dec 1, 2007 1516
I/O expansion boards for embedded designs. Sep 1, 2007 124
An experimental design comparison of four heuristic approaches for batching jobs in printed circuit board assembly. Williams, Susan K.; Magazine, Michael J. Jul 1, 2007 7415
Estimating emissions from your printed circuit board. Swanberg, Roger Mar 1, 2007 2004
Selecting the right SerDes device: OEM designers and their EMS partners should evaluate SerDes device characteristics and match them to know PCB design constraints to improve overall performance. Ali, Syed W. Mar 1, 2007 1612
The impact of lead-free processing on interconnect reliability: lead-free assembly requires a balance between copper, base material and design to assure reliability. Reid, Paul Cover story Mar 1, 2007 1835
Design GSM automation board with AVR microcontroller. Pokorny, Pavel; Pham Manh, Thang Technical report Jan 1, 2007 1498
Embedded passive test programs: ECIT active with OEMs on embedded passive testing. Snogren, Richard Company overview Nov 1, 2006 1095
3D thermal modeling: concurrent engineering tackles the thermal challenges of high-speed design. Ikemoto, Sherman Nov 1, 2006 1861
PCB design survey finds conflict between thermal, SI/EMC. Heffner, Tracy Oct 1, 2006 326
Buried treasure. Buetow, Mike Nov 1, 2003 605
Manufacturing considerations of embedded passives; designing and building PCBs with EPs means knowing the tolerances of the different material sets. Snogren, Richard Nov 1, 2003 1054
Fabrication guidelines for backdrilling: for higher designs and thick boards backdrilling--the removal of plating from the unused portion of the via--reduces via capacitance and mitigates resonance. Cohen, Tom Nov 1, 2003 1462
Data format 'Offspring' sprung. Buetow, Mike Oct 1, 2003 465
Does your design need HDI? HDI is more expensive process, but overall product cost can be lower thanks to fewer layers and smaller boards. Holden, Happy Oct 1, 2003 1603
Decoupling strategies for PCBs: there's more to good decoupling than flooding your board with capacitors. The light caps and smart layout are essential. Thompson, Joe Oct 1, 2003 1845
PCB directions: don't lose your way. Use these guidelines and stay on course. Bogatin, Eric Oct 1, 2003 753
Via modeling for high-speed simulations, Part 2: a method for creating via models and integrating into a network topology for high-speed PCB simulations. Riazi, Abe Oct 1, 2003 995
Drivers and material sets: in the first of a regular column, we take a look at the embedded materials landscape. Snogren, Richard Column Oct 1, 2003 878
Preventing hole-wall pullaway: the first steps to take to ensure good electroless copper adhesion. Carano, Michael Oct 1, 2003 494
Predicting reliability of double-sided area array assemblies. Primavera, Anthony Oct 1, 2003 2188
Via modeling for high-speed simulations, Part 1: a method for creating via models and integrating into a network topology for high-speed PCB simulations. Riazi, Abe Sep 1, 2003 1034
Rules of thumb I have known and loved: while no substitute for good design practices, in certain situations they can be useful. Bogatin, Eric Sep 1, 2003 766
Thermal analysis of base materials through assembly: can current analytical techniques predict and characterize differences in laminate performance prior to exposure to thermal excursions during assembly? Bergum, Erik J. Sep 1, 2003 2780
Routing differential pairs: while some argue that differential pairs work just fine if they are not coupled, the layout tradeoffs say that routing traces closely is prudent. (Differential Signaling). Nagle, Dennis Aug 1, 2003 1943
What causes reflections? In an ideal world signals would propagate down a line with no distortion. But this is no ideal world. (No Myths Allowed). Bogatin, Eric Aug 1, 2003 968
Conductive layer issues: why you must do more than just "view" your manufacturing data. (CAM Works). Miller, Jeff Aug 1, 2003 1045
2 add 'Top Gun' title. Design). Buetow, Mike Brief Article May 1, 2003 258
Translating Gerber with confidence: design data can be lost or mistranslated between design steps. Netlist compare can identify these miscues at the front end of design--and the back end. (Netlist Compare). Soloveanu, Dan May 1, 2003 745
The capacitance of a transmission line: there is a fundamental relationship between characteristic impedance, time delay and total capacitance. (No Myths Allowed). Bogatin, Eric Apr 1, 2003 861
The DNA test: or why PCBs will someday be replaced ... again. (Short Circuits). Shaughnessy, Andy Apr 1, 2003 383
Timing driven floor planning: how to minimize interconnect delays, without adding routing time. (Interconnect Strategies). Voss, Bernard Apr 1, 2003 836
Harnessing legacy designs: with a properly organized archiving system, your old designs can transcend time, or at least time-to-market. (Design Archiving). Staples, Vaughn Apr 1, 2003 2163
Afraid of the dark? We'll examine the effect of severe black pad defect on solder bonds on BGAs. Downey, Marlin R. Jan 1, 2003 1919
A manufacturable lead-free surface-mount process? NEMI demonstrates that lead-free manufacturing may be possible using existing production tools and equipment. Bath, Jasbir Jan 1, 2003 2103
Spray fluxing--it's not the same old game: spray fluxing has advanced to become a versatile technique, capable of performing a variety of tasks. Berger, Harvey L. Jan 1, 2003 2569
When boards lose their edge: when the corner of a circuit board breaks or is damaged, the problem cannot be ignored. Ferry, Jeff Jan 1, 2003 696
Can you clean a no-clean assembly? Troubled assemblies are put to the test. Munson, Terry Jan 1, 2003 696
Orcad Unison PCB Design Suite. (Management News and Products). Brief Article May 1, 2002 173
Solder preforms in electronic packaging: selecting the correct solder preform helps assemblers avoid the difficult task of dispensing paste in through holes. Holtzer, Mitch Apr 1, 2002 1734
Die Bonding in an Optoelectronic World -- PCB assemblers venturing into optoelectronics will encounter new substrates and package designs that call for uncommon bonding equipment capabilities. Moore, Don Oct 1, 2001 1971
Automated Photonic Assembly -- A fertile field full of holes and rocks. Murray, Jerry Oct 1, 2001 1478
Adding Jumper Wires Through "Gopher Holes" -- Few options exist in BGA modification, but, if the need arises, here's one option to try. Ferry, Jeff Brief Article Oct 1, 2001 517
The True Cost of Lead Free -- Get the facts on lead free straight-less isn't always more. Zarrow, Phil Brief Article Jun 1, 2001 757
CAD of multilayer feeding networks. Herscovici, Naftali I.; Pozar, D.M. Jun 1, 1994 3229
An alternative to through hole metal backed PTFE printed circuits. Sep 1, 1991 318
It's all software, now. Wilkes, M.V. Oct 1, 1990 2084

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