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Design Software Offers Speedy Die Casting Analysis.

The North American Die Casting Assn.'s CastView program is a design visualization tool that presents diecasting-specific information in 3-D graphical form, The software provides a "quick and dirty" analysis of diecasting part designs without the need for extensive input data or significant experience with computer simulation or computer-aided engineering. There are several major changes in version 2.0 of the program. Key new features and changes include:

* a much more intuitive set of user controls provided for rotation of the part in both STL views and voxel views;

* the displayed image can be zoomed in voxel view;

* thickness evaluations can be done using Euclidean (straight line) distance as well as the approximate methods of the previous version;

* functions to test for bad STL files are now provided;

* measurement units can be assigned to the part when an STL file is opened. If the units are not known, they can be left as unknown without any problem. If they are known, they are carried throughout the calculations;

* information about the details STL files, voxel files and gate files are available through a pull-down window. Information such as number of triangles in the STL file, the directory path and voxel size is stored and can be viewed at any time via a pull-down dialog box;

* both print and save functions are provided so that the analysis results can be recorded as bitmaps for use in other programs and documents, such as MS Word or PowerPoint;

* the animation function has been extended to include a slice mode animation so that you can automatically produce a sequence of slices through the part;

* the fill pattern calculations have been improved;

* the help system has been converted to HTML using compiled help files;

* context-specific help is provided for most dialogs and controls and can be called using the F1 key or by clicking the right mouse button.
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Title Annotation:CastView 2.0
Comment:Design Software Offers Speedy Die Casting Analysis.(CastView 2.0)
Publication:Modern Casting
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Date:May 1, 2001
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