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Design And Construction Tasks Required To Implement The Szeged Youth Center And Additional Project Elements Subject Investment.

Contract notice: A contract to perform design and construction tasks required to implement the "szeged youth center and additional project elements" subject investment.

The schedule: 8000-seat stadium and event areas in the main building Net floor area of the stadium: Server (main) building premises: Ground floor: 1 216.84 m2 First floor: 929.48 m2 II. Floor: 688.16 m2 III. Floor: 192.03 m2 All service buildings: 3 026,51 m2. All built under the grandstands: 1 038,57 m2. Stadium altogether: 4 065,08 m2 net. Other parts of works. Elevator: barrier-free 2 630 kg / 8 persons. 2 cargo lift 1000 kg. Press + number of guests: 8136 people. Security personnel: 40 people. The total number of stadium residents: 8176 people. HFF "A" respectively. UEFA appropriate "CLASS" Category 4 requirements soccer stadium, fh from 8000 projected a requirement for minimum sized complemented Attendance leltkkal. (Added related infrastructure and road network.) Of the transverse metal structures on the east and west grandstands 21.50 m span, the north and the south grandstand 14.50 m span. schedule B: Indoor Event Center. Locker rooms, gyms, medical and coaching service areas. Parts of the facility: sports, street soccer court. The facility consists basically of a sportcsarnokbl head and a three-storey building. Grassroots Course in front of the building serves as a venue for mass events, provides an optional stage set up there serving backdrop of the building: storage, dressing rooms. Gross built area: 1 981.84 m2 Net basic areas: GF: 1 884.04 m2 I floor: 539.11 m2 II. em: 408.70 m2 Total: 2 789.31 m2 The number of spectators: 78 fixed-mobile + 304 = 384 people. Building height: 11.39 m. (Related infrastructure and road network.) The event hall indoor World Championships. main support span of 30 m. C schedule: Accommodation existing building upkeep. Basic data: Gross built area: 801.67 m2. Net floor area: basement: 514.13 m 2, Ground Floor: 568.03 m2, Floor: 529.42 m2, Floor: 529.42 m2, Loft: 136.04 m2, Total: 2 277.04 m2, D rate: Porta existing base building renovation. Track maintenance staff offices and dressing room - respectively. more room for security staff briefing. The planned work is not subject to a building permit. Basic data: Gross built area: 155.27 m2. Net floor area: Ground Floor: 127.84 m2. (Related infrastructure and road network.) This rate Existing buildings, utilities and roads breakdown The demolished buildings are mostly packed modulhlban 1.60 m long, made of wooden elements ERDRT slightly inclined, nail plate truss roof structure covering containing asbestos slate, thus, the risk is the generation of hazardous waste. corrugated asbestos in the building, which is apparently good condition and not damaged or broken in case of non-hazardous in normal use. In the asbestos-containing building demolition of structures, there is a risk that subst


Address : Aradi vrtank tere 2.



Contact person: Emodi Sndor

Country :Hungary

Email :

Url :

Tender notice number : 209109-2017

Notice type : Tender Notice

Open date : 2017-07-17

Tender documents : T40034315.html

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Publication:Mena Report
Date:Jun 4, 2017
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