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Design, fabrication and characterisation of arrays of low-voltage, non-volatile, III-V memories.


Student: Dominic Lane

Period of Study: Oct 17 - Mar 21

Funder: EPSRC

Project Status: Active

Project Category: Studentship

Project Reference: 1959804


Static random access memory (SRAM), dynamic random access memory (DRAM) and Flash have complementary characteristics that make them well suited to their specialised roles in cache, active memory and data storage, respectively. Nevertheless, the concept of a 'universal memory' that combines the best features of each, i.e. fast, low-voltage, cheap, non-volatile, non-destructive read and high endurance has been a long-standing aspiration of the industrial and academic research communities. This project will follow on from very recent work in which the operation of large-scale (10 micron feature size) non-volatile III-V memory cells with non-destructive read was demonstrated at room-temperature. The objective will be to assess the suitability of the memory cells for implementation in different architectures (e.g. NAND Flash, NOR Flash and RAM), and to design, fabricate and characterise small arrays (2 x 2 and 4 x 4) of large-scale (10 micron feature size) memory cells.

Project completion date : 2021-03-31 12:00:00

Major organization : LANCASTER UNIVERSITY

Address : Bailrigg, Lancaster LA1 4YW

Country :United Kingdom

Url :

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Publication:Mena Report
Date:Oct 27, 2018
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