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Desert Eagle Cerakote titanium finish.

The hard-hitting Desert Eagle pistol is receiving a new finish that's built to stand up to the punishment the magnum autoloader can dole out: Cerakote Tungsten. The Cerakote coating is a multi-step process that results in a high temperature ceramic coating that holds up well under normal use. The Tungsten model is complemented with attractive black appointments that give the pistol a sharp look. The new Cerakote Tungsten Desert Eagle is offered in either the .50AE or .44 Magnum calibers. Model numbers are DE44TU in .44 Magnum and DE50TU for the .50AE. The MSRP is $1696.

For further information, contact: Magnum Research Inc., Dept. SGN, 12602 33rd Ave. SW, Pillager, MN, 56473; 508-635-4273 or

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Title Annotation:New Products
Publication:Shotgun News
Date:Dec 10, 2015
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