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Descon - excellence in engineering.

Descon - Excellence in Engineering

Descon Engineering (Pvt.) Ltd., was established in 1977 as an Engineering and Construction company and during short span of time has grown into one of the most competitive Engineering Companies of Pakistan. This competitive position has been attained by its outstanding record of successful performances in the design, construction, manufacturing, operation and maintenance fields. Over the years it has developed into a fully integrated Engineering Company and is providing these services to various industries inside Pakistan as well as abroad.

Descon is presently operating under two main divisions, namely Engineering Division and Manufacturing Division. Engineering Division offers a wide range of services including Detailed Engineering, Project Management, Computer Applications, Water and Effluent Treatment, Civil Construction Mechanical Erection, Electrical/Instrumentation and Operation/Maintenance of Plants related to Chemical, Petrochemical, Agrobased and Energy Sectors. Manufacturing Division is responsible for the manufacturing of products locally at its own workshops.

Descon Engineering Works a well equipped facility was especially established to fill the existing vacuum in the production of heavy engineering goods within the country. Located at Multan Road, Lahore it has the capability to fabricate equipment involving medium to heavy fabrication and machinery work. Its production programme covers the manufacturing of Boilers (Oil and/or Gas and Bagasse Fired), Heat Exchangers, Stainless Steel Vessels, Pressure Vessels, Storage Tanks etc. and other related equipment for various process industries.

Similarly Descon Mechanical Products (DMP) and Descon Electro Systems (DES) units of Manufacturing Division have separate workshops in Lahore. They are responsible for the development, production and marketing of international quality mechanical and electrical/electronic products. Material Handling Equipment, Construction Equipment, Welding Rectifiers, Battery Chargers Control Panels etc. are some of their major products. Presently Descon's headquarters are housed at Akhavan House in Lahore and has Branch Offices in Karachi, Islamabad, Abu Dhabi, Iraq and Saudi Arabia.

Descon in Power Sector

Over a brief period of 12 years of its existence, Descon has become affiliated with some of the vital sectors of country's economy. Backed by rich expertise as well as large resources of manpower, tools and equipment and modern computer facilities, Descon became a familiar name in the chemical process industry. As a result of its rich experience in plant erection backed by such infra-structural support as design engineering, fabrication and project management, Descon was able to enter into the power sector and has already established itself during a short span of 3-4 years. The company is serving several WAPDA projects of national importance in the thermal and hydel power fields. In this field Descon offers complete services from the fabrication and erection of plant equipment and boilers, installation of rotary equipment, steel structure and storage tanks to providing commissioning assistance.

Thermal Power Projects

-- Descon is currently working one of the WAPDA's major power generation centres in Pakistan at Kot Addu. At Kot Addu, Descon has carried out a wide range of services covering major civil works, field fabrication and erection of 3500 tons of non-pressure parts of the waste heat recovery boiler at site and 3500 tons of fabrication of pressure parts at its Engineering Works. Descon's contribution also include erection of four waste heat recovery boilers, erection of 2x100 MW steam turbine generator units, along with all related equipment, field fabrication of piping and its erection and other infrastructural facilities. At this very site Descon earlier concluded a project comprising of 4x100 MW. Frame 9, gas turbine units along with auxiliary equipment including fuel storage and treatment plants. -- At WAPDA's Thermal Power Station at Jamshoro (250 MW) Descon has been involved in the mechanical erection works and commissioning of 250 MW steamturbo generator. -- Descon has supplied on turnkey basis 25 M3/Hr capacity Water Demineralization Plants for WAPDA's Thermal Power Station at Multan and Faisalabad. -- Currently Descon is executing a contract for supplying a 40 M3/Hr capacity Water Demin Plant to Marubeni of Japan for Bin Qasim Unit - 5 Thermal Power Station.

Hydel Power Projects

Along with Descon's active participation in thermal sector, it has also established itself in the hydel area. Presently Descon is working on the extension of Mangla and Tarbela Hydel Power Plant Extension Projects. -- For Tarbela units 11 to 14 Descon's work scope includes fabrication of 04 Nos. draft tube liners (700 tons) and 04 Nos. pit liners (85 tons) at Descon Engineering Works. -- For Mangla unit 9 and 10, Descon is carrying out rolling, fabrication and erection of steel liner for tunnel No. 5, as well as complete mechanical and electrical/instrumentation works for the two units.

PHOTO : DESCON'S EXECUTIVES IN A MEETING WITH M.D. (from L to R Z.M. Khan - Sr. Manager Business Dev., M.U. Ansari- Director Engineering, A.R. Dawood Managing Director, I.A. Sajjad - G.M. Engineering Services, Z.U. Ansari- G.M. Plant Services

PHOTO : Descon made significant contribution in erection of WAPDA'S Power Station at Kot Addu.

PHOTO : Waste Heat Recovery Boiler for WAPD's Combined Cycle Project at Kot Addu being Fabricated at DESCON
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