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Descon: a growing manufacturing base.

The engineering sector broadly encompasses diverse activities from design to manufacturing. Its growth is measured by the achievements in the indigenous capabilities of heavy or sophisticated design and manufacturing. This sector has been dependent on the state due to considerable front-end investment. This is especially true in the heavy manufacturing sector where state enterprises dominate on the strength of sheer scale of economies they can offer. Manufacturing ability is the final outcome of the whole engineering exercise. It remains the backbone of the engineering sector as both design expertise and construction abilities either culminate, or are dependent on, fabrication for the completion of any industrial venture. While there has been considerable improvement in the technical human resource, fabrication remains a bottleneck and dependency on foreign suppliers for plant and machinery continues.

DESCON ENGINEERING is one of the few engineering firms which, early on, realized the importance of fabrication facilities to enhance its construction capabilities. In adherence to this strategy, two manufacturing units were established, namely DESCON ENGINEERING WORKS (DEW) and DESCON MANUFACTURING WORKS (DML).

Descon Engineering Works

DEW, located on Defence Road, Lahore, is a modern manufacturing facility which was established to fill the existing vacuum in the production of heavy engineering goods in the country. Spread over 24 acres of land, including 3 bays with a covered area of 5000 sq. meters, it is equipped with latest machinery and managed by professional engineers for undertaking jobs involving medium to heavy fabrication and machinery work. The Works were commissioned in March 1985 and during a short span of time have earned the confidence of a number of satisfied clients-both in the public and private sectors.

The production mix at DEW consists of equipment and machinery to cater to the needs of Power, Chemical/Petrochemical, Cement and Pharmaceutical industries as well as Oil & Gas sector. Manufacturing is carried out strictly as per well established Quality Assurance procedure and in conformity with international standards of workmanship. DEW is manned by a team of professional managers, qualified engineers having extensive experience in the relevant disciplines and highly skilled work force.

The activities of DEW are firmly backed-up by the engineering and administrative set-up of DESCON ENGINEERING. The financial and multi-discipline technical resources of DESCON enable DEW to undertake manufacture of engineering goods and complete industrial plants on turnkey basis. DEW has the capability to fabricate equipment, involving carbon low-alloy, high-alloy stainless steel, and various nonferrous materials. Its production programme covers the manufacture of the following:-

* Cement Plants

* Boilers and other Equipment for Power Plants.

* Boilers: Oil and/or Gas and Bagasse Fired.

* Electric Overhead Travelling Cranes

* Heat Exchangers of a wide range of capacities & applications.

Stainless Steel Vessels and Process Equipment for Pharmaceutical, Chemical and Food processing industries:-

* Small and large size Pressure Vessels for Oil refineries, Chemicals, Petrochemical and Natural Gas Processing Plants.

* Water Demineralization Plants.

* Conveyors and Material Handling Equipment.

* Storage tanks

* Ducts, Chutes and Steel Structures etc.

A stringent and vigilant quality control function at DEW is responsible for the reputation it has built of being a manufacturer of high standard products. A full-fledged Quality Assurance Department headed by a qualified and experienced Engineer ensures implementation of Quality Assurance procedures right from the drawing board, raw material section, laying of welding procedures, qualification of welders to the final inspect/testing stage.

All the fabrication works at DEW is carried out according to the international standards including ASMI, DIN, API, TEMA, Italian standards and Pakistan standards. During the fabrication process, full consideration is given to comply with safety procedures.

In-house facilities for various inspection/testing procedures are available and more are being acquired in certain cases, testing is also arranged through third party specialist agencies such as LLOYDS, TUV, ABS etc. Chemical/Mechanical testing, non-destructive (Radiography, Magnaflux, Ultrasonic) and Pressure Testing are also performed as per requirements stipulated in applicable standard/code. DESCON also possesses experience of conducting N.D.T. tests for recertification of Fired/Unfired pressure vessels as per ASME Codes.

Descond Manufacturing Ltd.

DML, a unit of DESCON Manufacturing Division, develops and manufactures specialized electronic, electrical and mechanical equipments for industrial and professional applications. Products are developed using in-house research, development and production facilities. Following are some of the major products manufactured by DML:

* Welding/Electroplating rectifiers.

* Industrial battery chargers

* Instrument control panels.

* LT panels/motor control center.

* DC/AC variable speed drivers.

* Hydraulic band pallet trucks

* Hydraulic stackers

* Floor cranes.

DML also undertake design and manufacturing of specialized equipments according to the specific requirements of the client and has supplied products like cargo lifts, floor cranes, double head drilling machines, hydraulic pipe bending machines etc.


Significant progress has been achieved in the fabrication of industrial plants particularly in the Cement and Power sectors. For the 3000 Tons/day Associated Cement Plant Expansion Project, M/s. F.L. Smidth of Denmark, the turnkey contractor, awarded the fabrication works to DESCON. These included 4400 tons of steel structure and 3380 tons of plant equipment. With this experience, DESCON is now in a position to offer cement plants to prospective clients.

Another example is DESCON's contribution to the Kot Addu 200 mW Combined Cycle Project for which 4 Waste Heat Recovery Boilers were fabricated. About 3500 tons of pressure parts were fabricated at DEW and 3000 tons of non-pressure parts at side. The works was carried out in collaboration with M/s. Balcke-Durr of Germany. An ongoing project at Mangla Hydel Power Project has also witnessed a pioneering achievement. The scope includes complete fabrication and erection of steel liner for tunnel No. 5, turbine and embedded parts. The in-situ heat-treatment of the massive Y-fabrication is also another 'first' for any Pakistani firm. For the Tarbela Hydel Plant Extension Units 11-14, DEW fabricated 700 tons of Draft Tube Liners and 85 tons of Pit Liners.

In the Oil & Gas & Chemical/Petrochemical sector as well, DESCON has fabricated pressure vessels and heat exchangers for numerous clients. The list is endless but what is most important is the progress which has been made in local fabrication capability. The main reasons for this have been the 'can-do' attitude which has been directed by sound management and the opportunity for our engineers to implement their skills to their full potential. This progress approach is supported by in-house computer-based project management expertise, detailed planning and the continuous process of learning based on experience. The 'efficiency' factor is high because one cannot be complacent in the private sector. DESCONs fulfilment of delivery schedules in all the projects has been commended by all the clients.

The Achievements to date in fabrication are indeed a high step forward for a relatively small workshop. The interface with electro-mechanical projects has gone a long way in boosting the in-house fabrication skill. The move towards self reliance is gaining momentum and the ability to execute complete projects without foreign help is not too distant a goal, given encouragement and recognition.
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