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Undocumented answer? President Barack Obama's new plan enables more immigrants to pursue an education. Cover story Dec 18, 2014 1219
Congress breaks logjam, approves job training reform. Oct 9, 2014 763
Thirty years in: the evolving federal role in higher education. Mar 13, 2014 1176
DREAM Act gets new push in U.S. Senate. Aug 29, 2013 758
Senate Dems Scoff at market-based loan rates. Jun 6, 2013 874
2014 education budget plan draws mixed reactions. May 9, 2013 854
2014 Education budget proposal boosts Pell Grant, seeks interest rate changes. Apr 25, 2013 904
Deja vu: lawmakers again debate future of student loan rates. Apr 11, 2013 875
Latino blueprint offers new ideas for financial aid policy. Mar 14, 2013 818
Fiscal issues provide roadblock for higher ed in 2013. Feb 14, 2013 875
New 'pay as you earn' plan targets recent grads. Jan 31, 2013 818
Ahead of inauguration, higher education looks to Obama. Jan 17, 2013 694
Advocates map strategies to improve student aid and services. Jan 3, 2013 648
New leadership agenda touts value of HSIs. Sep 27, 2012 843
Education nation: Obama, Romney outline different K-12, postsecondary priorities. Sep 27, 2012 1338
Automatic education cuts loom on the federal horizon. Aug 16, 2012 678
HBCU joins 'model' list on aid award letters. Jul 5, 2012 737
Some advocates want long-term student debt solutions. Jun 7, 2012 767
Interest rate debate prompts concern for students of color. May 24, 2012 865
New consumer tool offers help in comparing college costs. May 10, 2012 703
Higher education stakeholders press for reductions in student loan interest rates. Apr 12, 2012 808
Stakeholders await more financial aid overhaul plan details from Obama administration. Mar 15, 2012 866
Plan to raise dropout age draws mixed reviews. Mar 1, 2012 789
Obama proposes multiple new college initiatives for 2012. Feb 16, 2012 877
Advocates say 2012 critical year for action on private student loans. Feb 2, 2012 785
With super committee's failure, advocates plan next steps. Dec 22, 2011 731
Income-based repayment: a closer look. Nov 24, 2011 917
No child left behind waivers earn praise and criticism. Oct 27, 2011 916
Xavier University's default management plans win praise. Sep 29, 2011 750
DREAM advocates: guarded optimism on new immigration policy. Sep 15, 2011 763
Education Department's Community College leader makes 'acceleration strategies' part of ambitious agenda. Sep 1, 2011 845
Study: minority, low-income students lack adequate access to educational opportunities. Aug 4, 2011 840
Feds' for-profit rule gets mixed feedback. Jul 7, 2011 747
College completion gaps widening, data show. Jun 23, 2011 838
New bill targets college access, academic success in low-income areas. Jun 9, 2011 682
With teacher program, MSIS seek to defy budget trend. May 26, 2011 673
Budget deal brings winners, losers in education: next year's plan contains more than $700 billion in cuts from labor, education, health and human service programs. May 12, 2011 543
Federal K-12 education programs face obstacles to renewal. Apr 28, 2011 624
Stopgap bills trim some college programs. Apr 14, 2011 725
Military spending: new battleground on for-profit colleges. Mar 31, 2011 663
Paying for Pell requires stark choices: to maintain the current maximum grant of $5,550 and meet demand, the Obama administration would eliminate in-school Stafford Loan subsidies for graduate students. Mar 17, 2011 854
Civil rights groups express support for gainful employment rules. Mar 3, 2011 359
Budget cuts threaten key programs: House Republicans look to ax almost 70 programs, including those aimed at bridging the digital divide. Feb 17, 2011 786
Much-debated tax bill includes education benefits. Jan 6, 2011 858
With high demand, Pell Grant program faces challenges: uncertainty about program funding comes as more students take advantage of Pell awards year round. Dec 23, 2010 851
Progress report. Aug 19, 2010 718
Students may see some gains through new textbook rules: rules provide greater transparency on pricing and restrict publishers from bundling books with supplemental materials. Jul 8, 2010 730
Proposal takes aim at for-profit schools: Education Department planning regulations to restrict the institutions' access to federal financial aid programs. Jun 10, 2010 797
Backing a Better Solution: advocates renew efforts for reliable "formula funding" over competitive grants that could leave minority institutions at a disadvantage. May 27, 2010 825
Community colleges seek billions to stave off job cuts. May 13, 2010 497
Community colleges try to look ahead: following demise of $12 billion initiative, community colleges try to hold on to previous allocations. Apr 15, 2010 814
Plan to consolidate MSI STEM funding raises equity concerns: loss of guaranteed funding and potential increased competition for NSF grants jeopardizes MSI programs, advocates say. Apr 1, 2010 715
House launches review of 'no child' law: congressional leaders vow bipartisan cooperation in revising K-12 law, while associations push changes they consider essential to minority-student success. Mar 18, 2010 845
Obama initiative may cut loan burdens: income-based student loan programs get a boost to benefit struggling borrowers during this economic downturn. Mar 4, 2010 780
Obama's first year: many ideas, some achievements. Feb 18, 2010 832
Seeking a justice reform review. Feb 18, 2010 495
Financial aid simplification: one step forward and more to go. Feb 4, 2010 704
Congress clears Education Department budget with funding increases: minority-serving institutions will benefit from increases and earmarks. Jan 21, 2010 737
2010 Capitol Hill outlook: more attention to education Congress is expected to turn its attention to higher ed in the new year. Jan 7, 2010 1228
Supplying the demand: government agencies and MSI advocates seek new ways to boost minority participation in federal jobs. Dec 24, 2009 1441
Fattah not resting on GEAR UP's Laurels. Dec 10, 2009 698
Accelerating American achievement: Dr. Martha Kanter, U.S. Education under secretary, is driving the administration's higher education agenda and all roads go through community colleges. Nov 26, 2009 1491
Persistent math gaps prompt call for action: experts identify teacher quality and preparation as areas for improvement. Report Nov 12, 2009 815
Obama restores Asian American initiative, gives education department a lead role. Nov 12, 2009 526
Two-year colleges face student loan default challenge: rising rate causing some community colleges to opt out of student loan system. Oct 29, 2009 888
An 'ally and partner': White House Hispanic education leader seeks to build links to educators, improve visibility of HSIs with federal agencies. Oct 1, 2009 724
Community colleges to benefit from new higher ed bill: ambitious higher education legislation is loaded with student aid, community college improvements. Sep 17, 2009 850
Minority-serving institutions seek long-term funding increases: advocates seek additional funding through a couple of bills under consideration in Congress. Sep 3, 2009 841
HBCU power brokers on Capitol Hill: meet some of the movers and shakers who make things happen in Washington, D.C. List Aug 20, 2009 888
Power players for HSIs and tribal colleges: these are some of the movers and shakers who make things happen in Washington, D.C. Aug 6, 2009 1157
Financial aid program changes take effect. Jul 9, 2009 472
Minority-serving institutions battle for budget consideration: colleges disagree over what constitutes an agricultural program and therefore who qualifies for limited federal agricultural resources. Jun 25, 2009 776
Prospective switch to direct loans raises concerns: smaller schools say they lack the infrastructure to take on student loan tasks traditionally performed by banks. Jun 11, 2009 835
HSIs, others look to census for aid to schools, communities: advocacy groups are seeing to it that the U.S. Census Bureau has the necessary resources to count all U.S. residents effectively. May 28, 2009 742
Obama signs bill to boost volunteer service capacity: the Kennedy Serve America Act would create a variety of programs to help low-income youth improve educational achievement. May 14, 2009 492
HSIs, HBCUs seek greater visibility from White House; advocates of minority-serving institutions seek changes while monitoring new appointments to senior U.S. Department of Education posts. Apr 30, 2009 787
Obama agenda focuses on degree completion: advocates applaud $2.5 billion college retention proposal but say insufficient financial aid is barrier to degree completion. Apr 16, 2009 882
In tough economy, MSIs win funding increases; several minority-serving institutions receive much-needed earmarks. Apr 2, 2009 710
Hard-fought MSI Technology plan needs jump start; after much work to get MSIs more technology funding, advocates face tough budget climate. Mar 19, 2009 612
The stimulus package: winners large and small. Mar 5, 2009 622
Aid to students may prove short-lived: although the latest economic stimulus package helps needy college students, this increased financial assistance may be temporary. Feb 19, 2009 879
Democrats propose billions in new education spending: minority-serving institutions, Pell Grant and public universities set to gain under the next stimulus package. Feb 5, 2009 379
Job training issues to get greater visibility: community colleges seek funding and policy changes to job training law to better meet evolving needs of the American work force. Jan 22, 2009 744
Some see DREAM act within reach: proponents of the DREAM Act are hopeful President-elect Obama will push for passage of the bill in his first 100 days. Dec 25, 2008 747
Advocates: economic stimulus needed for education too: education groups join chorus of industries asking for government help that will create school repair jobs and keep students enrolled in college. Dec 11, 2008 739
Obama administration could mean more money, scrutiny: youth expect Obama to deliver on college affordability, but that may mean more oversight of colleges. Nov 27, 2008 712
Graduate assistants take fight for collective bargaining to Congress: teaching and research assistants hope a new online petition and new political leadership will spur Congress to pass a collective bargaining law. Nov 13, 2008 627
Universities struggle to cover operating costs: with declines in the stock market and less access to credit, some institutions are looking at their financial bottom lines more closely. Oct 30, 2008 688
Pell grant deficit: "the mother of all shortfalls": Pell Grant faces a shortfall as more people head back to school in uncertain economic times. Oct 16, 2008 847
Congressional coalition forms to give HBCUs new voice. Brief article Oct 2, 2008 221
An inside look at a law's renewal: newly signed law includes more than 60 initiatives, including those for single parent students, active duty military and disabled students. Sep 4, 2008 763
Approved HEA bill offers more aid for low-income students: reauthorized Higher Education Act includes new funding for graduate programs at minority-serving institutions. Aug 21, 2008 864
Pell Grant one of few winners in 2009 budget: despite work on education spending bill, Congress unlikely to complete work until after general election. Aug 7, 2008 478
Disability bill divides higher ed groups: some groups fear ADA bill will require institutions to expand services. Jul 24, 2008 702
Proposal seeks to improve America's image abroad: legislation would lessen financial barriers that prevent low-income, minority students from participating in foreign exchange programs. Jul 10, 2008 709
Policymakers rally behind post-Sept. 11 GI Bill: despite a veto threat from the White House, congressional leaders are seeking to expand educational benefits for military veterans. Jun 26, 2008 743
Feds fund three types of minority-serving institutions: under new education department programs, money for eligible colleges and universities is up for grabs. Jun 12, 2008 675
A waning priority: despite high expectations with Democratic Congress, public policy groups are losing hopes of repealing financial aid ban on students convicted of minor drug offenses. May 29, 2008 774
Policymakers seek to ensure no disruptions in student loan availability: Congressional leaders are considering a variety of bills to impede a late summer student loan crisis. May 15, 2008 775
PBIs make gains in Washington: predominantly Black institutions are recognized with a new federal grant program and proposed funding in the new HEA bill. May 1, 2008 749

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