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Articles from Dermatology News (September 1, 2016)

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A few 20-shot sessions may be enough for deoxycholic acid. Otto, M. Alexander 664
AAD supports skin self-exams. 259
Acne: what's new. Gold, Linda F. Stein 2849
Aluminum chloride still helps control hyperhidrosis. Keller, Daniel M. 925
ASPIRE HIGHER scholarship winners. 115
Certain skin cancers respond to nonsurgical treatments. Keller, Daniel M. 696
Changes in HIV-related cancers reflect changes in care. Sullivan, Michele G. 589
Choosing new treatments for elderly melanoma patients. Worcester, Sharon 1178
Clindamycin confers no extra benefit for kids with SSSS. Oakes, Kari 760
Color correcting--for skin blemishes. Talakoub, Lily; Wesley, Naissan O. 504
COMFORT mnemonic can help guide malignant wound care. Worcester, Sharon 575
Common allergic dermatitis culprits: hiding in plain sight. Oakes, Kari 764
Comparison supports individualized treatment. 133
DEET and picaridin safely protect against insect bites. Worcester, Sharon 849
Don't sell your practice short. Eastern, Joseph S. 857
Expert advocates single pass C[O.sub.2] laser resurfacing. Otto, M. Alexander 559
Facial dermatitis and rosacea. Fowler, Joseph F., Jr. 2265
Facial rejuvenation: 40th anniversary review. Zachary, Christopher B. 1704
FBI questions legality of telemedicine compact laws. Gallegos, Alicia 747
FDA updates warning label for systemic fluoroquinolones. Chitnis, Deepak 407
Feds sue to block mega-mergers by health insurers. Gallegos, Alicia 777
Fillers: what's here and what's ahead. Solish, Nowell 1853
Gestational diabetes ups risk for infantile hemangiomas. Oakes, Kari Clinical report 499
Here's how to tackle teenage indoor tanning. Oakes, Kari 1081
Highlights of Skin Disease Education Foundation's 40th Annual Hawaii Dermatology Seminar post-test. 543
Introduction. Fowler, Joseph F., Jr.; Zachary, Christopher B. 403
Jury still out on Medicaid expansion waivers. 205
Lasers and topicals both lighten solar lentigines. Splete, Heidi Clinical report 485
Lessons learned from merging EHR systems. Twachtman, Gregory 667
Mayo clinic tops hospital rankings for 2016-2017. Franki, Richard 225
Medicaid expansion leads to better access to care. Twachtman, Gregory 428
Most physician practices unsure about joining ACOs. Gallegos, Alicia 345
Mycobiome much more diverse in children than in adults. Sullivan, Michele G. 444
Nearly three-quarters of physician specialties saw compensation. Twachtman, Gregory 305
NIH launches a clinical trial of a Zika vaccine candidate. Oakes, Kari 404
Nonpharmacological factors affect early response in cellulitis treatment. Brunk, Doug Clinical report 467
Perform a biopsy in wounds of long duration, nonhealing ulcers. Worcester, Sharon 355
Pharmacy board redux. Coldiron, Brett M. 1140
Possible downside to cloth diapers: bullous diaper dermatitis. Oakes, Kari 534
Projected overall growth rate in health spending holding firm. Twachtman, Gregory 293
Provide specific guidance for pediatric sunscreen use. 274
Rash, microcephaly not always present with congenital Zika. Nogrady, Bianca 358
Serious infections are increasing among psoriasis inpatients. Karon, Amy 593
Serum vitamin D levels, atopy not significantly linked. Karon, Amy 556
Severe psoriasis upped lymphoma risk in large cohort study. Karon, Amy Clinical report 730
Shining a light on nonplaque psoriasis. McNamara, Damian 616
Skin patch testing pinpoints dietary triggers of IBS. Karon, Amy 833
Skin rash in recent traveler? Think dengue fever. Worcester, Sharon 706
SLN biopsy for desmoplastic melanoma may not affect recurrence. Otto, M. Alexander 560
Sports-induced targetoid erythema due to paintball projectile. Martin, Donna Bilu 941
Study finds "slim" benefit of combination treatment for scalp. Nogrady, Bianca 581
Study finds azithromycin-resistant gonorrhea in U.S. Brunk, Doug Report 327
Study identifies link between rosacea and several GI disorders. Chitnis, Deepak 340
Sunscreens are safe in babies, even under 6 months. Worcester, Sharon 604
Supreme Court offers mixed take on false claim liability. Gallegos, Alicia 456
Surgical site infections: do sterile gloves make a difference? Brunk, Doug 416
The aging face: global approach with fillers and neuromodulators. Solish, Nowell Report 1345
The vortex that sucks you in. Skolnik, Neil; Notte, Chris 1006
Tinea and onychomycosis. Rosen, Theodore 2947
Tips for using EMRs effectively. Benabio, Jeffrey 615
Tofacitinib clears pediatric alopecia areata in small study. Oakes, Kari 439
Topical timolol improves thinnest infantile hemangiomas. Splete, Heidi 449
Topix Pharmaceuticals, New Mountain Capital partnership. 114
Turning down treatment. Rockoff, Alan 768
Update on TNF inhibitors in dermatology. Sobell, Jeffrey M. 2585
Update on vitamin E. Baumann, Leslie S. Medical condition overview 1528
Use similar in cosmetic and medical patients, in a retrospective study. Nogrady, Bianca Clinical report 397
USPSTF: evidence supporting skin cancer screens lacking. Splete, Heidi 832

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