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Derek Ramsay: I am not for hire.

Just when we thought Derek Ramsay could not get any hotter, he sizzles in his most daring love scenes ever with Lovi Poe in Regal Films' 'The Escort' (opens Wednesday).

The teaser alone is enough to get libidos rising. It could very well be a hip version of the Kama Sutra with an engaging story, to boot.

Here's my chat with Derek:

How is Lovi different from your other leading ladies? She is the only leading lady who made me insecure about my body. Because she has a beautiful body, and I know she was going to be in great shape when we shoot the love scenes, so I exerted extra effort to prepare my body for it.

How do you manage not to get carried away in your love scenes? Out of respect for my leading lady, I have to restrain myself. I should not be attracted [to her] and must not allow 'junior' to wake up (laughs)-so, basically, I concentrate and internalize shutting Derek down and bringing my character to life without going overboard.

If you were an escort, who would you like to hire you? Oh, I don't know. I'm not for hire (laughs). I can't picture myself in that situation.

What are three things you learned about women that help you understand them more? Never argue with women, never tell them that they are wrong, and women are impossible to understand.

What's the cheesiest thing you and your girlfriend have done? When you are in love, I don't think anything is cheesy.

How do you break up with a girl, and how do you handle it when your girlfriend wants to break up with you? With full respect and honesty, I just have to tell her straight if I'm no longer happy and, hopefully, she will understand. And if she doesn't, then I will give her time and space to get over things.

If my girlfriend feels she's better off without me, then I won't hold her back.

What's the best love advice you heard?Make sure that you are with somebody not because you feel sorry for her, but because you are in love [with her].

If your life story would be made into a movie, what would the title be and who would you like to portray you? I'd like my favorite actor, Al Pacino, to portray me. Title: 'Life Directly.'

Rhian on Ledger's death

Rhian Ramos is one of my favorite interviewees because standard 'show biz' answers are not in her vocabulary.

In commemoration of All Saints' Day, I asked her whose celebrity death impacted her the most, and why.

Rhian's reply: 'I'd say Heath Ledger. Although we can't be 100 percent sure that his accidental drug overdose was due to depression from playing 'The Joker,' it is widely assumed [that that is so].

'It brought so much attention, including my own, to the mental dangers and responsibility needed in committing to dark or depressing roles.'

Women and Sam Oh

Sam Oh was handpicked by Lifestyle to host the magazine talk show, 'Modern Girls' (every Saturday at 9 p.m.), alongside Gretchen Ho and Denise Laurel.

The bubbly Korean is like televised sunshine. Just what makes a modern girl?

'It's an interesting time to be a woman,' Sam pointed out. 'We can make choices that don't come from the pressures of society.'

There's truly something about Sam.

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