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Deranged HK Man Kills Elderly Parents, Cooks & Packs Chopped Bodies in Lunch Boxes.

It's a story straight out of horror movie set, but the characters are real and the horrible crime started trial in a Hong Kong court on Thursday.

The deranged 30-year-old suspect named Henry Chau, with his friend and accomplice Tse Chun Kei, 36, allegedly killed Chau's elderly parents, chopped their corpses and even cooked their flesh and packed them in lunchboxes. The crime happened in March.

The Inquistr reports that the cooked flesh of the late Chau Wang-Ki, 65, and Siu Yuet-yee, 62, were kept in two refrigerators which were discovered by police officials.

The other body parts were found inside an apartment block at 38 Fuk Chak Street in Tai Kok Tsu where Henry allegedly committed the crime. The chopping, salting, cooking and packing of the flesh were done because the son and his friend ran out of space in the refrigerator.

Then they later threw the cooked body parts in garbage bins. Subsequent DNA tests confirmed the cooked flesh were that of the elderly couple.

Indicating Henry's mental illness, the crazy 30-year-old himself reported his parents missing after friends and relatives started to question him about his parent's whereabouts when they noticed them missing. He initially told them his parents went to China.

Henry filed a guilty plea to charges of manslaughter. The prosecutor, Michael Arthur, claimed the decision to kill his parents was planned for several months and Henry and Tse purchased knives, refrigerators, microwave ovens and a rice cooker several months ahead in preparation for the crime.

A Sky News report said Henry's crime was committed because of his belief that his parents were total losers. But friends said his parents gave Henry everything, but when they pushed him to find work and threatened not to fund his expensive llifestyle, he left them and accused his parents of abandoning him.

Henry claimed he was emotionally abandoned by his parents and not in his right mind when he committed the crime. But the prosecutor rejected Henry's version of the story and insisted he and Tse be tried for murder.

"Their crime was greatly premeditated. Their planning was extensive," Arthur said.

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Date:Aug 8, 2014
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