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Der missionsarzt Rudolf Fisch und die anfange medizinischer arbeit der basler mission an der goldkuste (Ghana).

Though the physician-author concentrates on the initial phase of medical missionary work by the Basel Mission and its first full-time medical missionary, Dr. Rudolf Fisch, M.D. (1871-1946; pp. 151-459), his study contains far more than one would expect from the title. Under the heading "1815-1885--The Time Before Medical Missions Came In," he gives a general description of the state of health among the Basel missionaries, their families, and the Ghanaian congregations, followed by a medical chapter on "Quinine and Blackwater Fever" and a descriptive one on "Medical Work in the Missions" 9pp. 16-150). To the closing chapter on "Christian Missions and the African Perception of Disease" (pp. 460-510) he appended relevant documents, maps, bibliography, photographs, and an index (pp. 511-85).

Unfortunately the author ignores the overall context of medical missions, thus considerably distorting the picture of the multifarious work and responsibilities of a medical missionary in West Africa by the turn of the last century. However this history of missions written under the perspective of medical history helps more adequately to assess the achievements of missionaries in exemplifying the health hazards faced, for which the Basel Mission work in Ghana is held up as an example.

Christoffer Grundmann, after serving on the staff of the Tamilnadu Theological Seminary, Madurai, India, is the Theological Consultant to the German Institute for Medical Missions at Tubingen, Germany, since 1983, and is the Moderator of the project on Healing of the International Association for Mission Studies.
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Author:Grundmann, Christoffer
Publication:International Bulletin of Missionary Research
Article Type:Book Review
Date:Jan 1, 1993
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