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Depoliticize police.

Byline: M.Z.RIFAT - Lahore

Punjab Police is in sharp focus these days because of irresponsible and ill-advised acts of some policemen and deaths of some accused or under-investigation persons in different parts of the province in the private torture cells in various police stations.

There is lot of talking about police reforms and the Punjab Government is moving on priority basis for bring about short and long term reforms.

But the bitter fact which everyone is somehow ignoring is that the police force needs to be free from political influence in any form. The Punjab Police has been working under immense political pressure and influence for years together.

Any kind of reforms will not bring about desired results unless and until the police force is freed from all kinds of political influence and given free hand to work according to the laws of the land.

There have been incidence over the past many years about the chief ministers directly ordering police officials posting and transfers bypassing the IGPs. This scribe is also witness that the ministers, MNAs and MPAs criticize the police in the legislatures and afterwards rushing to meet IGPs seeking posting ANF transfers of their chosen and liked police officials. In these circumstances, it is absolutely wrong to blame the policemen alone. If the police officials are pressurized to do some wrong under political influence then they can also commit some wrongs on their own. Firstly, the police has to be freed from all kinds OPF political no matter if it is from the prime minister or chief minister, mind set of the police personnel has also to be changed essentially from negative to positive and only then any kind of reforms will be of any use.

By the way, is the spokesman of the Chief Minister also the Home Minister.

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Author:M.Z.RIFAT - Lahore
Publication:The Nation (Karachi, Pakistan)
Date:Oct 19, 2019
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