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Deployments to be cut to nine months.

BEGINNING Jan. 1, most Soldiers will deploy for only nine months, meaning more time at home with their families.

"Implementation of this change is based on the projected demand for Army forces, and remains contingent on global security conditions and combatant commanders' requirements," said Lt. Col. Peggy Kageleiry, an Army spokesperson.

Corps headquarters and individual augmentee deployments--especially those with low-density skill sets--will remain at 12 months, she said.

This change in policy, to be fully implemented by April 1, will affect Soldiers in all named operations, including Operation Enduring Freedom in Afghanistan, Operation Noble Guardian in Kosovo, and Multi-National Forces Sinai in Egypt.

Reserve and National Guard unit deployments will be the same as active duty--nine months, even though they may still be mobilized for 12 or more months.

Soldiers deploying under the change in policy will not be granted environmental morale leave, known as R&R, but commanders will retain the option of granting emergency leave and leave for special circumstances, according to Army regulations and local policy.

"This policy will enhance operational success by reducing the friction that comes with having 10 percent of a commander's personnel being away on leave in the middle of a deployment," Kageleiry said. V

--Rob McIlvaine/ARNEWS

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