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Deploying? What are you taking?

Your unit's received deployment notification. Now the commander wants you to find out what equipment should go with your unit and what you can obtain in the area of operations (AO).

U.S. Army Forces Command funds the Deployment Asset Visibility System (DAVS). DAVS provides deploying units a view of the stock required and available in the AO. It also has info on the policies and procedures for obtaining stock there. DAVS has an enhanced image library of more than 1,800 photos of equipment used in the AO.

DAVS helps units to quickly establish a baseline Deployment Equipment List (DEL) of the equipment the unit will need to bring to support their mission.

The DAVS Container Load Module will build packing lists down to serial numbers of items for footlockers, unipacks/triwalls, and containers. This gives the commander a clear picture of what is packed and where it is.

DAVS is available to units deploying to the Balkans, Afghanistan, Iraq, and Guantanemo Bay, and as Multi-National Force Observers.

Free training is available to individually sourced units and commands.

For assistance or to schedule training, call FORSCOM's Plans, Operations and Force Projection Division, Plans and Operations Branch at DSN 367-7090/6151 or (404) 464-7090/6151.
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