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Department of the Army, G-3 Collective Training Division Leverages Electronic Approvals.

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Ensures that supplies of ammunition are in the right place, at the

right time to meet global training needs

Silanis, the world leader in automating business approval processes, announced today that the Department of the Army, G-3 Collective Training Division has deployed Silanis' electronic approval software for electronic ammunition requests under the Training Ammunition Management Information System - Redesigned (TAMIS-R). The TAMIS-R System handles all training ammunition requests worldwide for the Army, Army National Guard, and the Marine Corps to ensure that logisticians can get the proper supply of ammunition to the right location, at the right time.

"Soldiers like the new web-based process, as it provides immediate, and clear confirmation that what was requested will be available at the time and place indicated," said Bob Torche, Project Manager, Training Ammunition Management Information System-Redesigned (TAMIS-R), G-3, Collective Training Division. "The addition of electronic signatures increases accuracy, saves time, and allow us to electronically close out the request and capture expenditures immediately."

TAMIS-R leverages Silanis' ApproveIt XHTML Server to provide electronic signature capabilities, authenticated approvals, and digital signing using either the DoD Common Access Card (CAC) or an ePersona file if the user does not have a CAC. The ApproveIt XHTML Server is a fully scalable, JITC certified application that meets the requirements of the DoD's Class 3 Public Key Infrastructure.

Most active duty soldiers responsible for requesting, approving, or validating training ammunition requests are now equipped with a CAC and an electronic signature to perform the approvals electronically. Personnel simply need to install a one-time lightweight plug-in that allows them to access, validate, and embed their user credential information into the document being approved.

The addition of electronic approvals into the requisition process increases the accuracy of requests, saves time, and increases efficiency. Requestors no longer have to print off requests and hand-carry forms to multiple locations for approvals. Instead, requestors enter training requests via the TAMIS-R, then digitally sign and route their forms to approving parties. Final, approved requests are then immediately routed to the Ammunition Supply Point for fulfillment.

"The government is fighting a global war on terrorism," said Tommy Petrogiannis, president of Silanis. "The demands of globally deployable resources necessitate solutions that are web centric in order to ensure scalable responsiveness, anytime, anywhere."

There are approximately 4,000 users managing training ammunition request online, resulting in about 155,000 transactions per month. As the electronic request is extended to more locations around the world, online TAMIS-R transactions are expected to increase considerably.

About Silanis

Silanis Technology is the leading provider of solutions that automate the Business Approval Process. With over 1,000 customers across government, mortgage, auto finance, insurance, banking and FDA regulated industries, Silanis has over a decade of experience in developing and delivering solutions that work the way organizations do. Silanis' flagship customers include the US Joint Chiefs of Staff, US Army Medical Command, GMAC CM, and Stewart Title.
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Publication:Business Wire
Date:May 25, 2004
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