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Department of Defense news release (Feb. 18, 2005): acquisition branch/division chiefs, deputy directors, directors, deputy program managers, product managers, and project managers.

The U.S. Army Acquisition Support Center, under the direction of Col. Genaro J. Dellarocco, is proud to recognize the competitive selection and assignment slating of Competitive Development Group (CDG) Year Group 2005 selectees.
Competitive 1st Year Development Assignment
Development Group

Garry Appel Joint PM Chem/Bio Defense
Larry Bradley OASA (ALT)
Barbara Brown Space and Missile Defense
Craig Burow PEO AVN
Bruce Dahm PEO Soldier
John Davis PEO Soldier
Marcos Gonzalez OASA (ALT)
Marian Guidry Joint Project Office Ground Mid Course Defense
William Jones OASA (ALT)
Jean Kampschroeder Communications-Electronics Command
Victor Krepackcki Science Training Technology Center, Applied Research
David Marck Space and Missile Defense
Norma McKayan PEO Soldier
Peggy Schmoll PEO AVN
Karen Waterford Ground Mid Course Defense

(Ancel Hodges/ASC/DSN 655-1234/
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Title Annotation:Acquisition & Logistics Excellence
Publication:Defense AT & L
Date:May 1, 2005
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