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Denver Botanic Gardens. (Tips & Trips).

DENVER Catch jungle fever Pining for the tropics but can't afford the airfare? Step inside Marnie's Pavilion at Denver Botanic Gardens, where the spectacular new orchid exhibit opens this month. "It's drop-dead gorgeous," says Panayoti Kelaidis, curator of plant collections. "Previously we've only been able to display a tiny fraction of our orchid collection. Now we can show off hundreds of them at a time." The secret? A man-made "living sculpture" tree specially designed to hold a perpetually blooming selection of the garden's dazzling orchids, bromeliads, and other epiphytes. 9-5 daily Oct-Apr; $5.50. or (720) 865-3500.
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Author:Bosley, Elisa; Manley, Harriot; Rainey, Virginia
Date:Jan 1, 2003
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