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Denture care warning.

COUNTRYSIDE: This is in response to the person in March/April 2008 who put undiluted bleach on his chigger bite and a word of caution to those who soak their false teeth in bleach overnight.

My friend's husband always put bleach in his denture soaks about three times a week. A friend of his asked why Joe's teeth were always so white, and Joe told him about the bleach. The next day the man came to work minus his teeth. Joe asked him where his teeth were. The man had soaked his teeth in undiluted bleach. They fell out of the gums. So, a word of caution--always dilute the bleach with water.

Love your magazine, always.--Maxine McClure, Fredericktown, Missouri
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Author:McClure, Maxine
Publication:Countryside & Small Stock Journal
Article Type:Brief article
Geographic Code:1USA
Date:Sep 1, 2008
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