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Dentists face smiles snag.

There are many examples of the modern day cult of celebrity getting out of hand.

Hairstyles, fashion and diets have all been influenced by the stars.

But now dentists are coming under pressure to provide those gleaming white smiles which glow out of the glossies.

According to Professor Jimmy Steele, from Newcastle University's School of Dental Sciences, it just can't be done in some cases.

He believes people's expectations have become too high ( and blames celebrities.

The upshot is that more people are blaming their dentist if they can't have a celebrity smile.

That is bad news for dentists who have to explain that they are skilled medical professionals ( not magicians.

The good news is that this trend has increased awareness of general dental hygiene, according to a new survey.

Oral health has been steadily improving over the years.

That has to be good news

As for the "benefits" of some celebrity hairstyles and dress stylesa
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Publication:The Journal (Newcastle, England)
Date:May 19, 2004
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