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Dentist survives deadly bite.

A BIRMINGHAM dentist had a miraculous escape after he was bitten by one of the world's deadliest snakes and lived to tell the tale.

Nick Taft, aged 39, originally from Edgbaston, was bitten while out walking with his family in Australia and suffered a heart attack within minutes.

He was attacked by the highly venomous Eastern Brown, which kills most victims within hours.

But he defied the odds and amazed doctors by surviving.

Nick was walking down a track leading to a beach when the 6ft long snake slithered out of bushes.

It wrapped itself around his left leg, flinging him to the floor, before sinking its fangs into his calf.

Nick managed to beat the reptile away with a stick but then suffered a heart attack in the ambulance rushing him to hospital.

He lay in a coma for six hours while medics battled to save his life.

Nick moved to live in Noosa, Queensland, with wife Jill, 35, and their four children five years ago.

He said: "It was terrifying, doctors told me I'm lucky to be alive and now I'm counting my blessings."


BEATING THE ODDS... dentist Nick Taft and the Eastern Brown snake wound to his leg.
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Publication:Birmingham Mail (England)
Date:Mar 7, 2008
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