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Dental care benefits.

In 1997, about 59 percent of all full-time employees in medium and large private establishments were offered some type of dental care benefit from their employers. The percentage of full-time employees offered dental care benefits was higher for professional, technical, and related employees (64 percent) than it was for either clerical and sales employees (59 percent) or blue-collar and service employees (56 percent).

Among those with dental care benefits, 81 percent received care from traditional fee for service plans, 11 percent from preferred provider organizations, and 8 percent from health maintenance organizations. Irrespective of the type of plan under which employees receive dental care, the following procedures are covered in 98 percent or more of plans: exams, x-rays, surgery, fillings, periodontal care, endodontics, crowns, and prosthetics. For each of those procedures, more than three-quarters of those covered received a percentage of the usual, customary, and reasonable charge for the procedure as the benefit. Find out more in Bulletin 2517, Employee Benefits in Medium and Large Private Establishments, 1997.

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Title Annotation:1997 statistics indicate that 59% of full-time workers in large and medium firms had dental care benefits available to them
Publication:Monthly Labor Review
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Date:Jan 1, 2000
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