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Dental assisting educator ADAA member sends letter of appreciation to the Journal.

Dear ADAA Journal Staff,

As a member of the ADAA and a dental assisting educator, I wish to express my sincerest appreciation for the outstanding articles published in The Dental Assistant, Journal of the American Dental Assistants Association. The articles from the Journal that I have selected to share with my students have been extremely beneficial to them as they work to enhance their skills and knowledge base. In addition, the articles have been instrumental in promoting the importance of the dental assisting profession by allowing my students to be connected to a larger, global professional organization. This connection will serve to nurture these dental assistants throughout their careers.

As an instructor, it is often difficult to locate and implement articles into my course content that relate to the dental assisting student. Often articles present terminology or references that may not be applicable or relevant to the novice dental assistant. Many topics, such as special patient populations/special needs patients that are found in other sources, are addressed in terms that the dental assisting student, with a limited background, may not be able to relate to. The Journal remedies this problem by providing relevant articles with tremendous value in practical placement. The varied topics addressed in the Journal are essential to both seasoned assistants and new dental assistants.

As my students read assigned articles from "their" professional journal, they are assured the information is valid, current and relevant to them as the dental assistants. Often, this allows the students to acknowledge the importance of their chosen profession and it often validates their decision to become dental assistants. As they read and discuss the articles, they appreciate the impact dental assisting has to them personally as well as worldwide. The Journal provides dental assisting students with a reliable source to refer to in the future. I truly believe this encourages dental assisting students to be more enthusiastic about enhancing and expanding their knowledge base, resulting in more confident professional dental assistants. With sincere gratitude,


(Editor's note: This letter was published with Ms. Reed's permission, The Journal thanks Ms. Reed for her kind words and will continue to strive for the levels of excellence she ascribes to ADAA's flagship publication.)

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Title Annotation:Association Bulletin; American Dental Assistants Association
Author:Reed, Eloise
Publication:The Dental Assistant
Geographic Code:1USA
Date:Mar 1, 2013
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