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Dental Occupational Consultants.

Owners: Barbara Thornton and Katy Warren Address: P.O. Box 24701, Little Rock, 72221, 868-4841 Start-up date: September

Barbara Thornton and Katy Warren say they are coming to the rescue of dentists.

The two dental hygienists, teachers at the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences, have started a consulting firm to help dentists keep up with changes in regulations.

Thornton says the Occupational Safety and Health Administration is implementing new standards for dental offices and strongly enforcing already existing regulations.

She says health concerns such as AIDS and hepatitis have caused OSHA to tighten its grip on dentists.

The consulting firm will train employees, interpret laws and implement infection control.

"My husband Lonnie is a dentist," Thornton says. "So I know firsthand the kind of stress dentists experience due to these new regulations."

The business has six clients.
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Title Annotation:New Businesses
Author:Harper, Kim
Publication:Arkansas Business
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Date:Dec 2, 1991
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