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Dense Z-Pinches: Proceedings.


Dense z-pinches; proceedings.

International Conference on Dense Z-Pinches (6th: 2005: Oxford, United Kingdom) Ed. by Jeremy Chittenden.

American Institute of Physics


375 pages



AIP conference proceedings; 808


A z-pinch (or zeta pinch) is a type of plasma confinement system that uses an electrical current in the plasma to generate a magnetic field that compresses it. This volume, edited by Chittenden (Imperial College, UK) contains 82 papers from the July 2005 International Conference on Dense Z-pinches, demonstrating the state-of-the-art in z-pinch research related to inertial confinement fusion, x-ray radiation sources, and high energy density plasma physics. The papers are organized into sections dealing with wire array z-pinches, x- pinches, gas-puffs, plasma focus, capillary discharges and soft x-ray lasers, pulsed power drivers, and diagnostic techniques and spectroscopy.

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