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Dennis Miller: Black & White.

The title of this comedy video soon becomes apparent, as viewers realize there is nothing wrong with their VCRs--it actually was shot in black and white, though no explanation is forthcoming. Nevertheless, Miller--former "Weekend Update" anchor on "Saturday Night Live" and host of a short-lived late-night challenge to Jay Leno, Arsenio Hall, et al.--holds forth to good advantage, skipping agilely among topics in a stream-of-consciousness style. Freed from the constraints of television, his material is punctuated by an at times monotonous choice of expletives that really do nothing to add to the humor. His wit is rapier-like and his references often over the heads of his audience, of which Miller seems to be slyly aware.

Like a grasshopper, he bounces from subject to subject, pausing briefly to skewer such disparate groups as Germans, born-again Christians, animal activists, organ donors, Charles Manson, and stewardesses, caustically mocking the sexual revolution and mental health with equal glee. Viewers may be puzzled by seemingly untimely references to the Reagan Administration, the fall of Romania, hostage-taking in Beirut, and the drug trial of Washington Mayor Marion Berry, but the final credits give an explanation--this was filmed more than two years ago, probably for a cable special, and just is being released on video. Despite this, Miller is clever, cerebral, and, most importantly, very funny.
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Author:Rothenberg, Robert S.
Publication:USA Today (Magazine)
Article Type:Video Recording Review
Date:Jan 1, 1993
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