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OECD e-government studies


This report is the result of a peer review of e-governnment in the Danish public sector, conducted by the Organisation for Economic Co- operation and Development (OECD) at the behest of the Danish government in order to evaluated Denmark's e-government strategies and solutions as they pertain to present and future good governance objectives and to develop the OECD's e-government analysis framework and allow for cross-country comparisons of other countries participating in the peer review processes. The report analyzes and makers policy recommendations regarding external barriers to e- government, issues of planning and leadership, organizational change and e-government, common information and communication technology infrastructures and frameworks, provision of user-focused services, and monitoring and evaluation. It also presents two case studies looking at standards-based e-government in the health sector and implementation of the government's "e-day" initiative, which sought to reduce the use of paper as much as possible.

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