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Denmark has much to offer Pakistan in energy sector.

Byline: Naeem Qureshi and A.S Rind

Denmark has much to offer Pakistan in energy sector and keen to resolve ongoing energy crisis in Pakistan through transfer of technology and investment in various power sector projects this was stated by the Ambassador of Denmark in Islamabad H.E. Jesper Moller Sorensen to Energy Update in an interview we conducted recently when he visited Karachi on the occasion of a seminar held in Orient Energy System Pvt. Ltd Korangi Industrial Area Karachi. He went on saying that..

Energy Update: Please tell us about your career and postings so far

JMS: I started my career as diplomat 17 years ago. I have studied Political Science and International Relations at the university. This is my 4th posting as diplomat but first as Ambassador. I am posted to look after the whole country affairs. Earlier I have served in Turkey Washington (USA) and Afghanistan before coming to Pakistan. This is my first time as Ambassador in Pakistan. In Pakistan I tried to travel all around the country and have met all segments of society including youth women business community etc. As Ambassador I have development assistance programs commercial and trade ventures to boost more opportunities of business for Denmark companies in Pakistan. Pakistan is a huge business market for Danish companies and groups but as you also know that alike others our companies also ask about law and order situation in Pakistan. It is not so easy to convince them to come here and make investment but I am doing this and very hopeful about the outcome.

I made efforts and arranged a business delegation to Pakistan about one and half year ago. This delegation also visited major cities like Karachi Islamabad and Lahore. They showed their interest in various sectors including agriculture dairy energy etc.

EU: What is volume of business between Denmark and Pakistan

JMS: Bilateral trade between Pakistan and Denmark is more than 450 million US dollars a year which is still not good enough. As I have already mentioned that here is a big market in Pakistan for Danish companies in energy and other sectors which I am trying to exploit this potential so both countries could share benefit.

EU: Did Denmark also face energy crisis like Pakistan

JMS: About 40 years ago Denmark faced similar energy crisis and was depended on oil from Middle East. But soon we realized and started investing in renewable energy and now we are fulfilling our 50 percent energy needs by renewable sources like wind power and solar. Our economy is now growing at very fast pace. Companies like Grundfos provided high quality energy efficient pumps for every sector even to treat sewage water. Such pumps are needed everywhere in the world to meet energy crisis as if you do not have energy efficient pumps your energy production expense is increasing. I am very pleased that Orient Energy is now in partnership with Grundfos in Pakistan.

EU: Have you enjoyed culture and foods of Pakistan

JMS: I have travelled many cities and villages of Pakistan and had very pleasant journeys. I enjoyed Pakistani culture like its people and their hospitality. Food is great here but very spicy sometimes.

EU: What have you observed while travelling to different areas of Pakistan

JMS: Pakistan has many challenges at present and ahead and we are trying to help Pakistan to cope with it. Sanitary conditions are very poor. A lot of people are still living in very poor environment and children are suffering many diseases like stunting. Issue of out of school children is also very serious as about 7 million kids are not enrolled in schools which is 2nd highest number just after Nigeria in the world. More than 40 percent girls are married even before age of 18. We support democracy in Pakistan and rule of law in the country.

EU: How Pakistan can be an energy efficient country

JMS: Pakistan has not been able to be an energy efficient country so far as every house consumes a lot of energy. Walls and windows of houses even of my house in Islamabad are not isolated. A lot of power is produced from generators run on oil which is again very expensive. We need to do many things. We need to generate more energy by renewable sources as use of more oil is not good for our environment and a major cause of pollution. Energy should be used efficiently. Beside of public sector private sector companies should also follow energy efficiency guidelines and implement the same. Denmark can help Pakistani sectors through its consultant groups.

EU: In which sectors you see opportunities for Danish companies in Pakistan

JMS: There are many sectors like cement energy dairy and many others having potential for Danish businessmen. Westas a Danish company is world largest turbines producer and it is expanding its business now in Pakistan. Wind energy sector is another opportunity in Pakistan as Denmark is producing 200 MW power through its wind corridors.

EU: What help can Denmark offer Pakistan to support its growth

JMS: Denmark cannot offer cash but can offer its technical assistance and share its experiences with Pakistan. Danish companies like Grundfos will help to boost its economy. I myself is convincing and telling Danish companies about local needs challenges solution and potential. We can also invite those companies here in Pakistan. One of our companies is coming to Pakistan with energy efficient windows to save energy. Many Danish companies are negotiating with local partners in energy sectors. Denmark always supports gender equity and equality and women empowerment.
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