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Denmark : Denmark leads global disarmament, destroys cluster munitions.

Denmark s national stockpile of cluster munitions has been destroyed several years ahead of the deadline set by the Convention on Cluster Munitions. This sends a strong signal to other countries to abolish their cluster munitions as soon as possible.

Denmark s deadline for destroying national stockpiles is not until 2018, but having decided to advance the destruction process, Denmark has now already disposed of the last Danish cluster bombs.

Danish Foreign Minister Mr. Martin Lidegrd is proud that with the destruction of its cluster bombs, Denmark is well in advance of the deadline and is at the forefront of global disarmament:

It sends a strong signal that Denmark has now destroyed our entire operational stockpile of cluster munitions. Cluster bombs are inhumane weapons which all countries should abolish as soon as possible. Our work does not end here. All states outside the Convention on Cluster Munition must join the convention in order to ensure a total and global ban. I thank the Cluster Munition Coalition and its campaigners around the world for their continued work. In close partnership with likeminded countries and Danish and international humanitarian organisations, we will continue our joint efforts towards a world free from cluster bombs.

Danish Minister of Defence, Mr. Nicolai Wammen, added:

I am very satisfied with the completed destruction of the Danish stockpile of cluster muni-tions. Cluster munitions have posed great risks for civilians. Having finalized the destruction of the Danish stockpile so well ahead of the deadline set by the Convention sends a strong signal about our efforts to support the realization of the Convention s aims. The Danish Defence de-serves great appraisal for their swift handling of this important task.

The Cluster Munition Coalition, representing humanitarian organisations in 90 countries, is also pleased that the Danish stockpiles have been destroyed. CMC Director Sarah Blakemore:

The completion of Denmark s stockpile destruction is a significant milestone in the global fight against this horrific and banned weapon. Completing four and a half years ahead of the dead-line obligated by the Convention on Cluster Munitions shows Denmark s commitment to the treaty and to the protection of civilians worldwide. We urge all other states to follow Denmark s example to ensure all stockpiles of cluster munitions are taken out of circulation and can never be used again.

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Date:Mar 21, 2014
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