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Dengue control fiasco.

Over the past few years Dengue fever endemic has become a regular health problem across the country. It is a recurring national issue and this time Dengue fever has hit three provinces with greater intensity. But still there is lack of coordination not only between the federal and provincial governments but among the relevant provincial departments including health department, public health engineering and town municipal administration. After the enforcement of MTI Act, even the symbolic liaison between the public health section of health department and government hospitals has eroded, creating numerous problems for the people who fall prey to viral diseases.

A few months ago a private hospital in Peshawar held an informative seminar for the prevention of viral diseases like Dengue fever and Lashmania. The doctors in their research papers highlighted different aspects of preventive healthcare and mentioned that the mosquito and sand-fly the bite of which cause these fevers have become resistant to the insecticides spray which is sparingly being done by the municipal authorities. It was the responsibility of provincial government to have apprised the federal government for registering the effective brands of insecticides spray. But no lesson is learnt from the past experience and the policy of come what may all is pervading. Research on the preventive care of viral diseases goes on and it is not difficult to find out latest brands of insecticide spray for eradicating different types of mosquitoes and sand fly. If there is will there is a way.

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Publication:Frontier Post (Peshawar, Pakistan)
Date:Sep 10, 2019
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