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Valency-Based Descriptors for Silicon Carbides, Bismuth(III) Iodide, and Dendrimers in Drug Applications. Li, Qi-Zhao; Virk, Abaid ur Rehman; Nazar, Kashif; Ahmed, Imran; Tlili, Iskander Jun 30, 2020 7122
Topological Properties of Nanostar Dendrimer and Smart Polymer. Rashid, Muhammad Aamer; Ahmad, Sarfraz; Cancan, Murat; Muhammad, Mehwish Hussain May 31, 2020 3258
CPH student unveils novel, potential dendrimer therapy for HER2-positive breast cancer patients. May 3, 2020 552
NATURE OF NANOPARTICLES AND THEIR APPLICATIONS IN TARGETED DRUG DELIVERY. H. Zulfiqar, S. Hussain, M. Riaz, A. Saddiqa, M. Iqbal, J. Ali, M. Amjad and K. Javaid Mar 31, 2020 3341
Molecular Irregularity Indices of Nanostar, Fullerene, and Polymer Dendrimers. Qing, Xie; Wang, Zhen; Munir, Mobeen; Ahmad, Haseeb Mar 31, 2020 5868
Corrigendum to "Applications of Dendrimers in Drug Delivery Agents, Diagnosis, Therapy, and Detection". Noriega-Luna, B.; Godinez, Luis A.; Rodriguez, F.J.; Rodriguez, A.; Larrea, G. Zaldivar-Lelo de; Sos Correction notice Mar 1, 2020 8872
Irregularity Indices of Dendrimer Structures Used as Molecular Disrupter in QSAR Study. Chen, Zhihua; Virk, Abaid ur Rehman; Habib, Mustafa; Zia, Tariq Javed; Ahmed, Imran; Shi, Ce; Nazeer Dec 31, 2019 6111
Aggregation Induced Emission in PAMAM Dendrimers. Sep 22, 2019 195
Synthesis of PAMAM Dendrimers with Perylenediimide Cores. Sep 22, 2019 192
Smart Nanoparticles for Drug Delivery Application: Development of Versatile Nanocarrier Platforms in Biotechnology and Nanomedicine. Lombardo, Domenico; Kiselev, Mikhail A.; Caccamo, Maria Teresa Mar 31, 2019 16846
Novel Drug Delivery Systems for Rheumatoid Arthritis: An Approach to Better Patient Compliance. Mohanty, Sangeeta; Panda, Sthitapragnya; Bhanja, Aslesha; Pal, Abhisek; Si, Sudam Chandra Mar 1, 2019 5294
Overview on nanotechnology based cosmeceuticals to prevent skin aging. Otlatici, Gizem; Yegen, Gizem; Gungor, Sevgi; Aksu, Buket Report Aug 1, 2018 6370
On Topological Indices of Fractal and Cayley Tree Type Dendrimers. Imran, Muhammad; Baig, Abdul Qudair; Khalid, Waqas Jan 1, 2018 5217
The Entropy of Weighted Graphs with Atomic Bond Connectivity Edge Weights. Kwun, Young Chel; Rehman, Hafiz Mutee ur; Yousaf, Muhammad; Nazeer, Waqas; Kang, Shin Min Jan 1, 2018 3439
Computations of the M-Polynomials and Degree-Based Topological Indices for Dendrimers and Polyomino Chains. Kwun, Young Chel; Farooq, Adeel; Nazeer, Waqas; Zahid, Zohaib; Noreen, Saba; Kang, Shin Min Jan 1, 2018 4697
Agrium Buys Starpharma's Agrochemicals Business for AUD 35m. Jun 14, 2017 252
Gold Nanoparticle Mediated Phototherapy for Cancer. Yao, Cuiping; Zhang, Luwei; Wang, Jing; He, Yulu; Xin, Jing; Wang, Sijia; Xu, Hao; Zhang, Zhenxi Jan 1, 2017 18299
[Gd.sup.3+]-Asparagine-Anionic Linear Globular Dendrimer Second-Generation G2 Complexes: Novel Nanobiohybrid Theranostics. Alamdari, Nasim Hashempour; Alaei-Beirami, Mahmood; Shandiz, Seyed Ataollah Sadat; Hejazinia, Hadi; Case study Jan 1, 2017 8351
Iran Designs Nano Medicine-Career Easing Chemotherapy Side Effects. Jan 18, 2015 196
Polymer-Dendrimer Hybrids. Corneliussen, Roger Brief article Sep 1, 2014 128
Direct synthesis and morphological characterization of gold-dendrimer nanocomposites prepared using PAMAM succinamic acid dendrimers: preliminary study of the calcification potential. Vasile, E.; Serafim, A.; Petre, D.; Giol, D.; Dubruel, P.; Iovu, H.; Stancu, I.C. Report Jan 1, 2014 7745
Modeling dendrimers charge interaction in solution: relevance in biosystems. Lombardo, Domenico Report Jan 1, 2014 6733
Molecular dynamics of film formation of metal tetrasulfonated phthalocyanine and poly amidoamine dendrimers. Silva, L.G.; Neto, A.M.J.C.; Gaffo, L.; Borges, R.S.; Ramalho, Teodorico C.; Machado, Nelio Jan 1, 2013 4269
Dendrimers as carriers for siRNA delivery and gene silencing: a review. Wu, Jiangyu; Huang, Weizhe; He, Ziying Report Jan 1, 2013 8857
Dendrimeric systems and their applications in ocular drug delivery. Yavuz, Burcin; Pehlivan, Sibel Bozdag; Unlu, Nursen Report Jan 1, 2013 9211
Novel Stabilizing Agent Used for Producing Uniform Gold Nanoparticles. Sep 22, 2010 266
Nano-Scientists Find Novel Mechanism for Drug Delivery. Mar 15, 2010 435
The Edwin F. Ullman Award, sponsored by Dade Behring Inc. Bruns, David E. Jun 1, 2007 236
Thermomechanical and morphological properties of epoxy resins modified with functionalized hyperbranched polyester. Blanco, I.; Cicala, G.; Faro, C. Lo; Motta, O.; Recca, G. Nov 1, 2006 4582
Dendrimers customize delivery. Feb 1, 2005 465
Dendritic, Dow and Starpharma sign three-way deal to commercialize nanotechnology. Jan 1, 2005 940

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