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Demsan with Zakaria Trading International sold machines to Indigo Textile Karachi.

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DEMSAN TEKSTIL MAKINE started manufacturing precision plaiting machines in 1978 and today with five main product groups they are one of the leading textile machinery manufacturers in Turkey.

In 1984 they began manufacturing quality control machines and in 1987 double folding and double/double folding machines were added to their product range. DEMSAN Tekstil Makine is now manufacturing following products at the purpose built factory located at 8000 square meter area. The control machines for raw semi product and product doubledouble folding machines double folding machines single double/doubledouble measuring machines and lead sewing machines for fabric edge.

Double folding and rolling machine T02/B12

Mr. Tuncay DEMiRCi Purchasing Engineer said T02/B12 is the double folding machine for woven tulle fabrics.It unwinds the fabrics coming from batching by dancer waltz and well arranged edges by photocell control for double folding fabric. It has adjustable electronic length measuring system according to the thickness of the fabric and adjustable speed control between 0 60 m/min.

Batching machine D/T.P

It is a batching machine. After inspection that come from roll batch plaited for woven fabrics. It stops automatically at finish or at required meterage.

Calibration values can be separately defined for each type of fabric (99 pieces).

Inspection panel protected from daylight aid by covering cabin and illuminated by varied lamps.

Precision Plaiting Machines M02/K314

Yarding machine after inspecting grey woven fabrics that came from working width 1800 mm upto 3600 mm and different heights (1400 mm and 2000 mm) (K2 K3) different feed of fabric like loombeam roll big batch and dancer waltz system for pulling from batcher.

Adjustable speed control between 040 m/min and automatic tray down system according to the thickness of the fabric.

Doubling and Twice Double Folding and Rolling Machines T24/C12

It is a double and double folding machine for woven tulle organza jacquard etc. fabrics.

Both Double and Double folding and double folding are available in the same machine.

For proper folding there is special system for thin and sensitive fabric also electronically special tension system.

Wellarranged edges by photocell control for DoubleandDouble folding and double folding.

Also hard or loose folding feature due to torque controlled from the beginning to the end of the roll is another important feature.

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Publication:Pakistan Textile Journal
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Date:Nov 30, 2014
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