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An unexpectedly successful protest. Sep 24, 2020 1338
Police prepare to welcome Bangkok protesters with WATER CANNON. Sep 24, 2020 159
Trans rights protesters voice anger. JOSEPH ALI Reporter Sep 24, 2020 407
Protester ramps up campaign; disabled access point vandalised in bizarre attack. NICK LAVIGUEUR @grecian9 Sep 23, 2020 432
Protesters vow fight to reform Thai monarchy. Sep 23, 2020 692
Lakki protesters seek probe into murder. Sep 22, 2020 269
Thai protesters vow to fight after 'people's plaque' removed. Sep 22, 2020 638
Police: protesters mark Martial Law amid COVID. Sep 22, 2020 158
'Horrors' of martial law remembered in rallies. Sep 22, 2020 656
Ex-Marine accused of shooting dead Black Lives Matter protester kills himself; Iraq veteran Jake Gardner, 38, faced a charge of manslaughter outside his bar in Omaha, Nebraska, during protests and civil unrest in the days after the death of George Floyd. By, Ryan Merrifield Sep 21, 2020 493
Ex-EC member says protesters risked violence with plan to march to Privy Council office. Sep 20, 2020 259
Police clash with anti-lockdown protesters in London. Sep 20, 2020 247
Berlin protesters say EU must let in migrants before bloc outlines plans. Reuters News Service Sep 20, 2020 323
Thai protesters challenge monarchy as huge protests escalate. Reuters News Service Sep 20, 2020 594
Protesters defy Thammasat ban and surge into football field for mega pro-democracy rally. Sep 19, 2020 272
Thousands rally in Thai capital against government. Sep 19, 2020 531
Thai protesters kick off weekend of rallies. Sep 19, 2020 683
Belarus police detain hundreds of protesters in Minsk. Sep 19, 2020 237
Belarus police detain hundreds of protesters in Minsk. Reuters News Service Sep 19, 2020 227
Protesters from around the country arrive in Bangkok for anti-government rally. Sep 19, 2020 256
Protesters out on the streets in support of controversial art teacher. Jonathan Shkurko Sep 18, 2020 643
Rallies taken out against illicit drugs business. Sep 18, 2020 193
Holding Sudi without charge violates rights - activists. Sep 18, 2020 358
Russia blames US for Belarus protests. Sep 17, 2020 424
Russia blames US for Belarus protests. Sep 17, 2020 424
Rallies taken out against illicit drugs business. Sep 17, 2020 241
ALPSIDE DOWNED: Protesters rally in Swiss capital vs Philippine terror law. Sep 16, 2020 567
'All I Want Is Life': Mideast photographers recount covering the region's protests. Rebecca Anne Proctor Sep 16, 2020 1177
Anti-Israel protesters called tedious by MP. Sep 15, 2020 215
Activists to stage another wave of protests on martial law declaration anniversary. Sep 15, 2020 493
Protesters from county join anti-lockdown demonstration. Sep 14, 2020 322
Anti-lockdown protesters take to streets of Birmingham. Sep 14, 2020 318
Mask-exempt protesters voice their anger at being harassed; demonstrators call for awareness. JAMIE WALLER @jamiewaller2 Sep 14, 2020 406
Masked police arrest 400 protesters during 'March of Heroes' in Belarus. Sep 14, 2020 387
Algerian president's reforms won't appease protesters. Talmiz Ahmad Sep 14, 2020 1016
Anti-Shiite protesters march for second day in Karachi. Sep 13, 2020 501
Blackout in Rivers as protesters shutdown Afam transmission station. Sep 13, 2020 523
Anti-Shiite protesters march for second day in Karachi. Sep 13, 2020 501
Countrywide protests held to demand stern action against culprits of motorway gang rape. Sep 12, 2020 952
Extinction Rebellion activists' banner protest on the A180; group calls on people for support for a green revolution. PETER CRAIG @GTPETERCRAIG Sep 12, 2020 471
Lebanese Army clashes with anti-government protesters. Arab News Sep 12, 2020 240
We Pay N5000 COVID-19 Levy To Be Safe In Our Community, Protesters Tell Obiano. Sep 11, 2020 311
SHC restrains police from arresting CBC protesters. Sep 10, 2020 716
US Embassy dismisses claims it supports protesters. Sep 10, 2020 256
Rein in the private school mafia, say protesters. Sep 9, 2020 556
Protesters Besiege PDP, Demand NWC Member's Sack. Sep 9, 2020 873
Animal rights activists in protest at meat factory; several arrests after demonstrators climb on roof. ASHLIE BLAKEY Sep 8, 2020 322
Lord Austin slams 'pathetic' police response to protests. Sep 8, 2020 440
Guns and trucks at Oregon protest to defend Trump's America. Sep 8, 2020 694
More than 6,500 sign petitions to save former green belt land; PROTESTORS CLAIM HOUSING PLAN IS BASED ON FLAWED FIGURES. TOM DAVIS Local Democracy Reporter Sep 7, 2020 698
Portland activist sets himself alight with Molotov cocktail as Trump mocks protests; US President Donald Trump re-tweeted a shocking video of a Portland protester accidentally setting himself alight, as he mocked what he described as "Democrats 'peaceful protests'". By, Ryan Merrifield Sep 7, 2020 481
Extinction Rebellion protesters banned from Merseyside; 26 suspects are charged after night of action. JOE THOMAS Crime Reporter @joe_thomas18 Sep 7, 2020 577
XR protesters march and stop the presses. CATHY OWEN & LUKE POWELL Sep 7, 2020 510
Naked protesters in upstate NY wear 'spit hoods' in solidarity with Daniel Prude. Reuters News Service Sep 7, 2020 448
Belarus protesters keep pressure on Lukashenko with new march. Sep 6, 2020 302
Hong Kong police swoop on postponed poll protests. Sep 6, 2020 555
Pro-Palestine activists protest in London against UK's complicity in Israeli apartheid. Sep 6, 2020 198
Tories 'planning legal crackdown' on Extinction Rebellion protests; Home Secretary Priti Patel wants to take a 'fresh look' at how XR is classified under law potentially classifying them an organised crime group. By, Press Association & Oliver Milne Sep 6, 2020 645
Hong Kong police fire pepper balls at protesters opposed to election delay, new law. Reuters News Service Sep 6, 2020 430
Protesters block print site. Sep 6, 2020 296
Anti-migrant protestors clash with police in Dover as officers pin person to ground; Ugly scenes have broken out as groups of anti-immigrant demonstrators singing Rule, Britannia! protest the arrival of migrants who risk their lives to cross the English Channel. By, Dave Burke Sep 5, 2020 434
Violence fears as protesters descend on Dover. Sep 5, 2020 175
TLYR protesters stopped at Faizabad. Sep 5, 2020 347
Lockdown protesters defy police in Australia. Reuters News Service Sep 5, 2020 450
Portland police arrest 27 as US city nears 100 days of protests. Reuters News Service Sep 5, 2020 330
Dover anti-migrant protest thugs scream 'Rule Britannia' in clashes with police; Hundreds of anti-migrant thugs gathered in Dover to protest against refugee channel crossings with some nationalist protesters bringing traffic to a stop on the A20. By, Ollie Kemp & Matthew Dresch Sep 5, 2020 929
Extinction Rebellion protesters turn their focus on BBC building. Sep 4, 2020 238
Environmental protesters target BBC building. Sep 4, 2020 171
Protesters speak out for asylum seekers. JOSH LAYTON News Reporter Sep 4, 2020 670
300 Activists Together With Singer Poliakova Protest Near Cabinet Against Ban On Concerts. Sep 3, 2020 332
Protesters hit the streets again. DAVID BANNER Sep 3, 2020 328
Protesters hit the streets again. DAVID BANNER Sep 3, 2020 328
CBC lodges FIR against DHA, Clifton protesters for 'spreading fear, creating hindrances in official work'. Sep 2, 2020 762
Clifton Cantonment Board lodges FIR against protesters. Sep 2, 2020 239
Democrats accuse Trump over violence. Sep 1, 2020 513
Travel warning over week of 'Extinction' protests. REBECCA DAY Sep 1, 2020 382
Democrats accuse Trump over violence. Sep 1, 2020 506
Climate protesters bring traffic to standstill. ROBERT HARRIES and IAN LEWIS Sep 1, 2020 546
Democrats accuse Trump over violence. Sep 1, 2020 506
Democrats accuse Trump over violence. Sep 1, 2020 506
Democrats accuse Trump over violence. Sep 1, 2020 506
Democrats accuse Trump over violence. Sep 1, 2020 506
Democrats accuse Trump over violence. Sep 1, 2020 506
Pre-arrest bail granted to 'violent' protesters. Sep 1, 2020 425
Karachi protesters demand CBC CEO's resignation. Sep 1, 2020 499
Portland shooting: Man killed as rival protesters clash on US city's 95th night of unrest; Aaron Danielson, also known as Jay Bishop, was shot and killed in Portland, Oregon, on Saturday as the city suffered another night of violence with escalating clashes between protesters and pro-Trump supporters. By, Tom Davidson Aug 31, 2020 454
20,000 Demonstrate in Anti-Netanyahu Jerusalem protests, 16 Arrested. Aug 31, 2020 478
One killed as Trump supporters and protesters clash. Aug 31, 2020 160
Man is shot dead as protesters clash in US. GILLIAN FLACCUS Aug 31, 2020 495
One killed as Trump supporters and protesters clash. Aug 31, 2020 160
One killed as Trump supporters and protesters clash. Aug 31, 2020 160
Death as protesters and Trump supporters clash; US: One person gunned down after fights break out during demonstration. GILLIAN FLACCUS Aug 31, 2020 480
One killed as Trump supporters and protesters clash. Aug 31, 2020 160
One killed as Trump supporters and protesters clash. Aug 31, 2020 160
One killed as Trump supporters and protesters clash. Aug 31, 2020 160
Protester killed in Portland. GILLIAN FLACCUS Associated Press Aug 31, 2020 643
Protester killed in Portland Killing: Portland police say they're still gathering evidence. GILLIAN FLACCUS Associated Press Aug 31, 2020 643
Protest on Belarus leader's birthday demands he resign. YURAS KARMANAU Associated Press Aug 31, 2020 166
Death as protesters and Trump supporters clash; US: Man gunned down after fights break out during demonstration. GILLIAN FLACCUS Aug 31, 2020 486
One shot dead as rival protesters clash in Portland. Reuters News Service Aug 30, 2020 248
Protests in European capitals against Covid restrictions, Berlin police arrest 300. Reuters News Service Aug 30, 2020 416
Thousands of Israeli protesters demand Netanyahu to step down. Aug 30, 2020 215
PROTESTERS STOP HS2 WORK IN ITS TRACKS; Brum demo sparks city chaos. TOM HITCHENOR News Reporter Aug 30, 2020 448
Libyan interior minister suspended after gunmen fire on protesters. Aug 30, 2020 338
In Kenosha: '7 bullets, 7 days' Protesters march for Blake. STEPHEN GROVES and AMY FORLITI Associated Press Aug 30, 2020 686
In Kenosha: '7 bullets, 7 days' Protesters march for Blake March: Trump says he will visit city on Tuesday. STEPHEN GROVES and AMY FORLITI Associated Press Aug 30, 2020 686
Lukashenko gets birthday call from Putin amid protests. Aug 30, 2020 385
Rights activists protest against extrajudicial killings in Kwale. Aug 30, 2020 439
Victims engaged gunman at protest in Kenosha. Associated Press Aug 29, 2020 503
Campaigners locked to digger in protest at Brum's HS2 site; groups break into compound. JAMES RODGER Aug 29, 2020 371
Michelle Obama 'devastated' by Jacob Blake shooting as thousands march on Washington; The former US First Lady said the shootings of Jacob Blake and protesters in the aftermath of the incident have left her "exhausted and frustrated" at the trauma of black people in the US. By, Makini Brice & Nandita Bose & Jeremy Culley Aug 29, 2020 520
UK issues joint statement with US and EU calling for Belarus to end violence; Peaceful protesters have been attacked by riot police in the streets of Minsk and unlawfully detained amid demonstrations over the disputed re-election of Russia ally President Alexander Lukashenko. By, Chris Kitching Aug 29, 2020 898
Thousands of anti-lockdown protesters gather in London to claim coronavirus is a 'hoax'; Large crowds gathered at Trafalgar Square calling for 'no more lockdowns' and 'no to vaccinations'. There appeared to be little social distancing or people wearing face masks. By, Jamie Hawkins Aug 29, 2020 421
Protesters gather outside White House ahead of Trump speech. Aug 28, 2020 360
Protesters clashes with police in US over shooting of black man. Aug 27, 2020 162
Kyle Rittenhouse: Everything we know about Trump-supporting Kenosha gunman; The 17-year-old, who was arrested in Illinois following the killing of two protesters in Wisconsin, is a former police cadet who joined a heavily-armed 'militia' group after protests broke out following the police shooting of Jacob Blake Jnr. By, Dave Burke Aug 27, 2020 903
6 Libyan protesters abducted by Al Nawasi militia in Tripoli protests: Amnesty International. Noha El Tawil Aug 27, 2020 1318
Ellen joins anti-rape protesters. Aug 27, 2020 1188
FeJAL condemns police brutality against anti-rape protesters. Aug 27, 2020 332
Protesters chase Gender Minister Tarr. Aug 26, 2020 801
Protestors demand safe passage for migrants. Aug 26, 2020 325
US protesters, police face off after black man shot in back. Aug 25, 2020 732
Kenosha protests continue for 2nd night after police shoot Black man Protests: Call was for a domestic dispute. TAMMY WEBBER and MIKE HOUSEHOLDER Associated Press Aug 25, 2020 1415
Protesters blame motorway police for boy's death. Aug 25, 2020 598
[PHOTOS] Protesters engage police in running battles over Covid funds 'theft' in Mombasa. Aug 25, 2020 313
Employee protests resume at Culture Village. Aug 24, 2020 364
German Government condemns violence against protesters in Belarus. Aug 24, 2020 241
Ukraine, Germany Condemning Violence Against Protesters In Belarus. Aug 24, 2020 172
Ministry fires back against CSO plea to free protesters. Aug 24, 2020 500
Thailand: More peaceful activists arrested and charged amidst pro-democracy protests. Aug 24, 2020 493
Belarus protests show no signs of weakening. Aug 24, 2020 281
Protest keeps up pressure on the president; BELARUS. Aug 24, 2020 243
Protesters want migrant detention centre to close; IMMIGRATION. TED HENNESEY Aug 24, 2020 239
Belarusian protesters pack capital, army issues warning. Reuters News Service Aug 23, 2020 265
Protesters seek judicial probe into student's murder. Behram Baloch Aug 23, 2020 256
Vast protest in Minsk keeps up pressure on Belarus president. Aug 23, 2020 502
Protesters block rail traffic, demand level crossing. Aug 22, 2020 429
Iraqi protesters demolish headquarters of pro-Iran political parties. Bassant Mohammed Aug 22, 2020 343
[PHOTOS] Teargas, arrests as protesters battle police in Covid funds graft demos. Aug 21, 2020 296
Anti-Nyagarama protestors arrested in Nyamira. Aug 21, 2020 326
Anti-government protesters in Khon Kaen dwell on educational issues. Aug 21, 2020 165
Greta and young activists meet Merkel for climate talks. Aug 21, 2020 160
Greta and young activists meet Merkel for climate talks. Aug 21, 2020 160
Occupation forces disperse West Bank protests. Aug 21, 2020 210
Outrage in Ethiopia after police kill 'at least' NINE protesters, violations against Oromo continue. Egypt Today staff Aug 21, 2020 928
Rights activists protest against the rising tides of communism in desert distric. Aug 21, 2020 234
Belarusian protesters defy Lukashenko, EU announces sanctions. Aug 20, 2020 974
Three more Free Youth protesters arrested on several charges. Aug 20, 2020 167
'Sorry' just isn't good enough, say protesters to minister. Aug 19, 2020 287
Police declare riot as Portland protesters set fires, attack govt offices. Aug 19, 2020 519
Argentina's COVID-19 lockdown defied by protesters. Aug 18, 2020 188
Gridlocks as Peshawarites stage protests against power cuts. Ali Hazrat Bacha Aug 18, 2020 651
Belarus protesters hold 'historic' rally as Lukashenko vows to stay on. Aug 17, 2020 800
Anti-government protesters gather in Thailand capital. Aug 17, 2020 293
Anti-government protesters gather in Thailand capital. Aug 17, 2020 293
Tensions rise in Thailand ahead of fresh pro-democracy protest. Aug 16, 2020 585
Students plan big rally today to push 10-point reform plan for highest institution. Aug 16, 2020 456
Police investigate 30 protesters from anti-gov't rally. Aug 16, 2020 363
Biggest Thai protest in years puts pressure on government. Reuters News Service Aug 16, 2020 599
Protesters released amid rising tensions. Aug 15, 2020 432
Protesters released amid rising tensions. Aug 15, 2020 468
Protesters released amid rising tensions. Aug 15, 2020 468
Belarusian opposition leader calls for new protests and vote recount. Reuters News Service Aug 14, 2020 338
Bolivian protesters ditch roadblocks after election law. Aug 14, 2020 495
Tens of thousands rally in Belarus against post-vote crackdown. Aug 14, 2020 832
DPM Sar Kheng tells authorities to avoid violence against peaceful protesters. Aug 13, 2020 352
MPA among 58 PML-N activists sent to jail on 14-day judicial remand. Aug 13, 2020 212
Protesters up pressure for monarchy debate with 10-point manifesto. Aug 11, 2020 764
Belarus leader vows to crack down on protesters. Aug 11, 2020 331
Police 'encouraging' far-right by stopping anti-fascist protests; FORCE IS ACCUSED OF 'ATTACK ON DEMOCRATIC RIGHTS'. HANNAH GRAHAM Reporter Aug 11, 2020 652
President warns vote protesters; BELARUS. YURAS KARMANAU Aug 11, 2020 206
Heeding demands of pro-democracy protesters 'only way out of current political impasse'. Aug 10, 2020 727
Seven arrested over protest seeking unionist's release. Aug 10, 2020 724
Southern Kaduna: Protesters rain curses on gunmen. Aug 10, 2020 230
105 soldiers injured in Beirut's protests over deadly blast: Army. Xinhua Aug 10, 2020 163
PetroTal's Bretana Closes After Anti-Government Protests In Peru. Aug 10, 2020 152
Renewed Lebanon protests as pressure mounts on government. Aug 10, 2020 812
#RevolutionNow Protesters Being Sponsored To Destabilise Nigeria - Group. Aug 9, 2020 435
Riot cops tear gas protesters in Beirut. Aug 9, 2020 210
Lebanese it girls Nathalie Fanj and Nour Arida join protests in Beirut. Arab News Aug 9, 2020 547
Protesters demand removal of police checkpost. Aug 9, 2020 220
Fires rip through Beirut square as protests rage over port explosion that killed hundreds; Demonstrators were angered by the explosion, which officials say was caused by 2,750 tonnes of ammonium nitrate stored unsafely since 2013. It is not clear whether the fires created any damage. By, Chiara Fiorillo Aug 9, 2020 650
Rights group calls for an end to Police brutality, others. Aug 8, 2020 663
Lebanese diaspora in London protest in support of Beirut protesters. TAREK ALI AHMAD Aug 8, 2020 697
Beirut explosion: Protesters storm ruined streets and beg Macron to help topple 'regime'; French PM Emmanuel Macron promised protesters no blank cheques will be given to Lebanon's leaders unless they enact reforms and end corruption after the devastating blast that killed 145 people. By, Ryan Merrifield Aug 7, 2020 861
Thai govt must protect right to peaceful protest, says global watchdog. Aug 7, 2020 378
Chhun's supporters warned of legal action: Activists told to stop public protests for his release. Aug 7, 2020 958
Akume Lambasts Buhari Over Crackdown On #RevolutionNow Protesters. Aug 7, 2020 760
Protesters, Treated Like Criminals By APC Government - Activist. Aug 6, 2020 277
JLA protest as EASYJET to axe 1,290; EASYJET protesters outside Liverpool John Lennon Airport yesterday Picture: ANDREW TEEBAY. CHARLOTTE HADFIELD ECHO Reporter @Charl_hadfield Aug 6, 2020 482
HS2 bid to jail woods protester; High speed rail bosses claim activist breached anti-trespass injunction. Richard Vernalls Staff Reporter Aug 6, 2020 774
How primary headteacher faced down anti-LGBT protesters outside school gates; Anderton Park Primary in Birmingham was targeted by protesters, angry at the message of equality and tolerance that was being taught to pupils. By, Jane Lavender Aug 6, 2020 922
CUPP condemns attack on peaceful 'revolution' now protesters. Aug 5, 2020 310
Police release #RevolutionNow protesters in Abuja. Aug 5, 2020 359
Security operatives clampdown on #Revolutionnow protesters in Abuja. Aug 5, 2020 181
Landmark demonstration calls for debate on monarchy. Aug 4, 2020 569
Berlin Rally against COVID-19 Rules Feature Neo-Nazi Supporters, Anti-Semitic Displays. Aug 3, 2020 531
Israeli Police Forcefully Disperse Protesters Outside Netanyahu's Residence. Aug 3, 2020 620
Thousands rally in Berlin against coronavirus restrictions. Xinhua Aug 2, 2020 437
Government bid to jail HS2 protester opens. DAVID BANNER Aug 1, 2020 307
Government bid to jail HS2 protester opens. DAVID BANNER Aug 1, 2020 307
Amnesty International urges police chief to stop criminalising peaceful protesters. Jul 31, 2020 391
Los Angeles mayor condemns attacks against Azerbaijani protesters [PHOTO/VIDEO]. Jul 30, 2020 427
Activists protest bill prohibiting publication of objectionable material. Jul 29, 2020 526
PNP chief: We 'tolerate' protests in UP, but don't exercise your freedom too much. Jul 29, 2020 1034
Groups in provinces join SONA protests. Jul 28, 2020 608
SONA protesters decry drivers' arrest, Quiapo Mass disruption. Jul 28, 2020 799
Protester's solo stand against 'disastrous' scheme. Jul 28, 2020 466
Protests turn violent in US cities. DAVID BANNER Jul 28, 2020 329
Violent scenes at street protests. Jul 28, 2020 162
Protests turn violent in US cities. DAVID BANNER Jul 28, 2020 329
Protesters troop to UP Diliman for Duterte's 5th SONA. Jul 27, 2020 251
4 Piston protesters nabbed in Quezon City. Jul 27, 2020 319
UP protesters safe, others warned. Jul 27, 2020 774
Gov't ban, pandemic didn't scare protesters from conducting Sona rallies. Jul 27, 2020 347
Bicol protesters face 'intimidation' from police in pre-SONA protest. Jul 27, 2020 279
Davao City police finds way to stop SONA protest rally: Give activists chairs. Jul 27, 2020 320
Police and anti-racism protesters clash across US. Jul 27, 2020 603
Protestors clash with Seattle police in latest outcry over US feds. Jul 27, 2020 745
PNP urges UP admin to police ranks of protesters. Jul 27, 2020 448
Protesters return to streets ahead of Duterte's 5th SONA. Jul 27, 2020 919
Police confiscate protesters' placards during mass in Quiapo Church. Jul 27, 2020 362
CHR: Freedom Parks protected from 'no permit, no rally' policy. Jul 26, 2020 783
US protests leave one dead amid clashes with police and militia on the streets; Multiple American cities saw disturbances overnight with a woman knocked down when a jeep drove into a crowd of protesters and a number of shootings in a country still deeply divided. By, Lila Randall Jul 26, 2020 799
For fifth week, thousands of Israeli demonstrators demand Netanyahu to step down. Jul 26, 2020 238
Two cops arrested, Ipoa probes killing of two Garissa protesters. Jul 26, 2020 695
Army chief calls for discretion in exercising rights, pointing at protesters. Jul 25, 2020 281
Nairobi activist attacked after telling gang not to rob people. Jul 25, 2020 451
Activists demand new name for 'slaver' street. ABBIE WIGHTWICK Reporter Jul 25, 2020 694
Protesters want killers of Karak woman, sons arrested. Jul 25, 2020 412
Go to UP Diliman, PNP urges protesters. Jul 25, 2020 405
Gov't's decision to ban rallies reeks of cowardice - militant groups. Jul 24, 2020 609
Federal agents fire tear gas again at Portland protesters. Reuters News Service Jul 24, 2020 521
UN: US protesters, journalists need their rights protected. Arab News Jul 24, 2020 260
N-power: N600,000 not part of disengagement package, FG replies protesters. Jul 24, 2020 313
Peaceful Azerbaijani protesters came under Armenian attack in several countries. Jul 23, 2020 318
Peaceful Azerbaijani protesters came under Armenian attack in several countries. Jul 23, 2020 337
Again, Protesters Storm National Assembly, Ask Lawmakers To Bury Social Media, Hate Speech Bills. Jul 22, 2020 545
Ethiopia urged to allow peaceful demonstrations, investigate protestor deaths. Jul 21, 2020 424
Federal agents asked to leave as Portland protests continue. GILLIAN FLACCUS Associated Press Jul 21, 2020 684
Activist group vows to follow health protocols during SONA protests. Jul 21, 2020 487
Hundreds of anti-mask protesters march on London's Hyde Park. Compiled by Christian Borbon, Senior Web Editor Jul 20, 2020 285
Just do SONA protests online, PNP chief asks protesters. Jul 20, 2020 564
Palace to SONA protesters: Go online please. Jul 20, 2020 416
NDDC: Protesters Storm NASS, As Committee Set To Grill Akpabio, Ag MD, Others. Jul 20, 2020 430
Police, protesters clash during bid to topple Columbus statue. Associated Press Jul 19, 2020 508
Police keep rival protests apart. Jul 19, 2020 205
Thousands Join Biggest Anti-Gov't Rally Since Virus Lockdown. Jul 19, 2020 480
Tear gas fired at group of protesters. Jul 18, 2020 177
Bulgaria anti-government protesters take to streets for eighth day. Jul 17, 2020 215
Protesters demand payment for Hazara Expressway land. Jul 16, 2020 422
BLM protester statue removed hours after being put in Edward Colston's place; The Black Lives Matter sculpture -entitled A Surge of Power (Jen Reid) by artist Marc Quinn -was taken down from Bristol Harbour by contractors at around 5.20am on Thursday morning. By, Neil Murphy Jul 16, 2020 604
Sculpture of Black Lives Matter protester removed from site where slave trader statue stood in Bristol; It stood on the plinth that formerly featured a statue of slave trader Edward Colston. By, PA & Jillian MacMath Jul 16, 2020 340
Poetic justice? Toppled slaver's statue replaced by one of Black protester in UK. Reuters News Service Jul 15, 2020 375
Protesters demand Musharrafieh's resignation. Jul 15, 2020 368
This powerful statue of a Black Lives Matter protester has appeared overnight where Edward Colston statue used to stand in Bristol; It was erected on Wednesday morning without the prior knowledge of Bristol City Council. By, Press Association & Jillian MacMath Jul 15, 2020 394
Edward Colston statue replaced at dawn by sculpture of Black Lives Matter protester; A sculpture of a black woman, Jen Reid, now stands on the plinth in Bristol where a statue of slave trader Edward Colston was toppled by Black Lives Matter protesters last month. By, Claire Hayhurst & Chris Kitching Jul 15, 2020 788
Marriage halls association to hold countrywide protest. Jul 14, 2020 233
Protesters accuse Donald Trump of failing to contain Covid-19 spread US administration failed to meet challenge. Jul 13, 2020 354
Support activists fighting police brutality. Jul 13, 2020 753
Tataouine-El Kamour: Protesters threaten to block oil pumping station Thursday. Jul 13, 2020 167
Thugs attack protesters at Awka Government House gate. Jul 11, 2020 475
Anger in the air at BA job cuts; protestors urge firms to back bid to reverse cutbacks. KIERAN MURRAY Reporter Jul 11, 2020 566
Thousands of Black Lives Matter protesters march through streets of Brighton; As up to 5,000 people marched against systemic racism they were serenaded by a string quartet as they carried placards with slogans including "Decolonise everything". By, Michael Drummond & Lorraine King Jul 11, 2020 635
Serbians protest for third day over virus handling. Jul 10, 2020 672
Occupation forces disperse protesters near Nablus. Jul 10, 2020 254
Protesters denounce US interference in Lebanon. Jul 10, 2020 338
Second BLM march to be 'completely peaceful' - but anti-protesters likely to return. JAMIE WALLER @jamiewaller2 Jul 9, 2020 484
Specter of LA riots haunts Koreans in US. Jul 9, 2020 2003
Sturgeon hits out at 'racist' protesters. VIVIENNE AITKEN Jul 7, 2020 234
'We mean business': Elgin activists continue to push for change. Elena Ferrarin Jul 7, 2020 413
Elgin activists continue to push for change. Elena Ferrarin Jul 7, 2020 530
Black Lives Matter activists continue to push for change. Elena Ferrarin Jul 7, 2020 436
'We mean business': Elgin activists continue to push for change. Elena Ferrarin Jul 7, 2020 540
Protesters in 'Anti Terror law' rally freed. Jul 7, 2020 211
Police called as protesters mount demo at border. HANNAH GRAHAM Reporter Jul 6, 2020 366
PNP says protesters' arrest in Laguna 'nothing to do' with Anti-Terror Act. Jul 6, 2020 290
Young Koreans boycott Disney movie 'Mulan'. Jul 6, 2020 1036
Independence Day: Protesters Pull Down Christopher Columbus' Statue In US. Jul 5, 2020 320
Trump Protesters are trying to wipe out history. Jul 5, 2020 247
Activists denounce Anti-Terrorism Act in UP Diliman rally. Jul 4, 2020 304
Activist who posed for photo with Jacob Rees-Mogg investigated over alleged racism; EXCLUSIVE: Katie Fanning has been suspended while party bosses look into apparently sick remarks on her Facebook page. She posted a pre-lockdown snap with the 'hero' Commons leader. By, Alan Selby Jul 4, 2020 236
Let's make RACISM history in this city; liverpool should do to discrimination what it's done to the s*n, say black lives protesters. LISA RAND ECHO Reporter @lisarandonline Jul 3, 2020 564
Murdered Dutch activist remembered in protest vs anti-terror bill. Jul 3, 2020 252
Protesters took risk for a reason; Letters. Jul 2, 2020 201
Power protesters block highway. Jul 2, 2020 192
At least 52 killed in Ethiopia protests over singer's death. Reuters News Service Jul 1, 2020 396
Injuries reported during Sudan protests to "correct course of revolution". Sarah El-Sheikh Jul 1, 2020 455
Photos: St. Louis couple threatens protesters with guns outside their home. Compiled by Balaram Menon, Digital Content Editor Jun 30, 2020 172
Jamaica suspends use of British royal insignia after anti-racism protests. Reuters News Service Jun 30, 2020 388
Trump posts video of couple brandishing guns towards protesters. Reuters News Service Jun 29, 2020 383
Recto raps police for arresting LGBTQ+ protesters. Jun 29, 2020 368
Protesters unite for march in city. JORDAN REYNOLDS Jun 29, 2020 293

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