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Demonic Abortion: A Sobering Commentary on the Satanic Nature of the Modern Abortion Industry.


A Sobering Commentary on the Satanic Nature of the Modern Abortion Industry

WRITTEN BY Rev. Thomas J. Euteneuer

PUBLISHED BY Human Life International, 2010

ISBN: 978-1-55922-062-0, Softcover; PAGES: 120; PRICE: $9.95CDN


In this companion volume to his book on exorcism and the Church Militant, Father Euteneuer goes to the very heart of the personal and social sin of abortion. Using a question-and-answer format, he addresses such issues as the definition of the culture of death, the demonic nature of the abortion industry, the evil of contraception, spiritual warfare on the part of the laity and the role of the Church hierarchy in vanquishing the demon of abortion.

Father Euteneuer makes several points about the Catholic hierarchy. First, he finds it futile to complain ad nauseam about slack bishops and priests. Second, he nevertheless identifies the apathy of Catholic bishops as the main obstacle to defeating cultural acceptance of abortion. The reason for this is that, third, the Catholic Church is "the only religious authority that has the spiritual power to free a society of its abortion demons" (p. 65). Fourth, he calls cowardly priests who refuse to address the abortion issue from the pulpit "gutless shepherds" who will have to account for their silence on the Day of Judgment (p. 67). And fifth he identifies a disciplined and obedient Catholic episcopacy as the only body that can free society of its escalating fascination with death and hatred of children.

As a seasoned international pro-life advocate, Father Euteneuer gives harrowing evidence of the literally demonic forces behind the abortion industry. His candour in this regard makes certain passages a tough read. He quotes from pro-abortion websites that offer a range of deals from the "discount package" killing at $250 (cash only) to the "spiritual journey" killing at $5000 (pp. 24-27). Calling abortion a spiritual journey relates to the blasphemous notion of abortion as a sacrament, which some abortionists use to entice abortion-minded women (p. 30).

Father Euteneuer expresses profound respect for the pro-life movement and crisis pregnancy centres, and gives advice on the best way for them to focus their efforts, which should always be centred on prayer. However, at the same time, he understands that, without the leadership of Catholic bishops, all other efforts, however noble, will ultimately fail to cleanse the culture. Abortion is a deep-rooted filth fuelled by demons and exacerbated by personal sin. The bishops are "the general officers of the Church Militant in this confrontation with evil" (p. 68). Given their exceptional share in the priesthood of Jesus Christ, Catholic bishops who refuse to mobilize the forces of life and goodness against the forces of death are guilty of a staggering sin of omission.

This book is highly recommended.


Lise Anglin works at a mental health centre in Toronto

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Author:Anglin, Lise
Publication:Catholic Insight
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Date:Oct 1, 2010
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