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Understanding Students' Classroom Participation In Universities Through Gender Perspective: A Case Study Of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. Khan, Farooq Nawaz; Khan, Itbar; Ali, Asghar; Bilal, Hazrat Case study Jun 30, 2019 4596
State Restrictions Impede Developmental Education While Minority-Serving Institutions Find Success. Sidoti, Sarah Apr 18, 2019 824
Spontaneous Synergy Happens in a Diverse Classroom. Curtis, Judith G. Feb 21, 2019 845
UC Berkeley President Announces New Undergraduate Student Diversity Project. Levitan, Monica; Pennamon, Tiffany Brief article Jan 24, 2019 184
Diversity is the new normal on campus. Smalley, Andrew Jan 1, 2019 369
Bromance and Hookup Culture: A Study in the Performance of Masculinity by College Men. Poost, Anna-Sophie Report Dec 1, 2018 12094
Report: Increased Percentage of Male Students in NJ Colleges. Oct 4, 2018 135
Study Outlines Challenges for Low-Income Working Students. Jones, Lamont, Jr. Sep 20, 2018 900
Report Details Wide Latino, White College-Attainment Gaps in Colorado. Jones, Lamont, Jr. Sep 6, 2018 833
Researchers Find Disparities in Off-Campus College Recruiting. Elfman, Lois May 31, 2018 821
"Test Optional" May Increase Diversity. Brief article May 17, 2018 164
Teaching and Learning on the Front Lines. Barrera, Magdalena L. May 3, 2018 838
Duke Changes Roommate Policy. Brief article Mar 22, 2018 114
Mixed-Race Students Need Support. Barone, Nicole Mar 22, 2018 827
Socioeconomic Equity in Honors Education: Increasing Numbers of First-Generation and Low-Income Students. Mead, Angela D. Essay Mar 22, 2018 2149
Males in Enabling: Painting a portrait through narrative. Armstrong, Frank; James, Trixie; Conradie, Hermina; Parker, Shane Report Feb 1, 2018 7768
The Financial Realities For Students From Low SES Backgrounds At Australian Regional Universities. Devlin, Marcia; McKay, Jade Jan 1, 2018 7488
National Participation in School-Based Agricultural Education: Considering Ethnicity, Sex, and Income. Velez, Jonathan J.; Clement, Haley Q.; McKim, Aaron J. Report Jan 1, 2018 6260
Who Goes on to College? The Four Lowest Socioeconomic Clusters Advanced Very Little. Jan 1, 2018 303
Predictors of Post-Secondary Academic Outcomes among Local-Born, Immigrant, and International Students in Canada: A Retrospective Analysis. da Silva, Tricia L.; Zakzanis, Konstantine; Henderson, Joanna; Ravindran, Arun V. Report Dec 1, 2017 9904
Prevalence of Facebook Addiction among Gender variation of University Students: A Comparative Analysis. Shakir, Muhammad; Lodhi, Ishrat Siddiqa; Zafar, Maryam Report Jun 30, 2017 3790
Resilience to child sexual abuse in male college students. Graves, Elizabeth G.; Borders, L. DiAnne; Ackerman, Terry A. Report Apr 1, 2017 6870
Diversity on college campuses. Brief article Mar 23, 2017 155
An EAP Program and Students' Success at a Canadian University. Keefe, Karin; Shi, Ling Report Mar 22, 2017 9944
A comparative study on the use of TV and internet among undergraduate students. Mary, A.O.; Joshi, Gandharva R. Report Mar 1, 2017 2477
The Comparative Study of Achievement of Male and Female Mathematics Students of Higher Secondary Schools and Colleges at Intermediate Level in Punjab. Malik, Muhammad Idrees; Farooq, R.A.; Tabassum, Rabia Report Dec 31, 2016 3033
A leg up to those on the margins: at Donnelly, there's a short distance between life of the academy and life on the streets. Roberts, Tom Editorial Nov 4, 2016 1958
Diverse digits. Table Sep 8, 2016 106
Renewed focus needed on intangible factors for students. Bright, Marcus Sep 8, 2016 931
Institutional planning for massive change. Schejbal, David Jul 1, 2016 3012
The study habits of Finnish college students: a two sample investigation. Ludlum, Marty; Hongell, Linn; Tigerstedt, Christa; Alsobrook, Laura Report Jun 1, 2016 2996
Body modifications in college students: considering gender, self-esteem, body appreciation, and reasons for tattoos. Hill, Brittany M.; Ogletree, S.M.; McCrary, K.M. Report Jun 1, 2016 3732
Cyberbullying behaviors among female college students: witnessing, perpetration, and victimization. Selkie, Ellen M.; Kota, Rajitha; Moreno, Megan Report Jun 1, 2016 4177
"Hipster freshman": popular culture's portrayal of community college students. Hawk, Jena L.; Hill, Lilian H. Mar 22, 2016 5427
Gender inclusive: colleges are working through a myriad of issues related to sexual identities. Gaines, Patrice Mar 10, 2016 1462
Gender and locality differences in body image among college students. Behmani, Rakesh Kumar; Kumar, Suresh Report Mar 1, 2016 3686
Sensation seeking and internet addiction among girls and boys. Chandalia, Trupti Ambalal; Desai, Minakshi D. Report Mar 1, 2016 2264
Dr. T and the students. Watson, Jamal Eric Jan 28, 2016 809
"Balancing Two Worlds" Supporting Transracially Adopted Asian/American Students on the College Campus. Suda, Daniel K.; Hartlep, Nicholas D. Report Jan 1, 2016 6849
System of accountability: at Texas A&M University, an inclusive campus begins with institutional responsibility. Smith, Susan Dec 31, 2015 1310
Student demographics and the impact of team-based learning. Hettler, Paul L. Report Nov 1, 2015 3801
Development and evaluation of a peer mentorship program for Aboriginal university students. Rawana, Jennine S.; Sieukaran, Daniella D.; Nguyen, Hien T.; Pitawanakwat, Randy Report Oct 1, 2015 10187
Higher education without access fails our nation. Lindenmeyer, Kriste Sep 24, 2015 783
The relevance of diversity in the job attribute preferences of college students. Murphy, Angela J.; Collins, Jennifer M. Report Jun 1, 2015 9380
Fighting against defeat: being a young female counselor in a half-circle of males. Pittman, Ashley Jun 1, 2015 802
Does beauty matter in undergraduate education? Deryugina, Tatyana; Shurchkov, Olga Report Apr 1, 2015 15618
Norms of punishment: experiments with students and the general population. Bortolotti, Stefania; Casari, Marco; Pancotto, Francesca Statistical data Apr 1, 2015 12626
Acculturation of Korean multicultural Christian college students. Cook, Kaye V.; Sim, DongGun Report Mar 22, 2015 4257
Nationality as a determinant of learning styles: Comparing marketing students from Bulgaria and the USA. Budeva, Desislava; Kehaiova, Maria; Petkus, Ed Report Jan 1, 2015 4867
A Survey of the Needs and Utilization of Health Information among Young Adults in Abeokuta, Ogun State, Nigeria. Adeyoyin, Samuel Olu; Oyewusi, F.O. Report Jan 1, 2015 9990
Freshman year matters. Davis, Crystal Brief article Oct 23, 2014 164
Trait anxiety in college students: the role of the approval seeking schema and separation individuation. Lindsey, Cynthia Report Sep 1, 2014 5722
The challenges, persistence, and success of white, working-class, first-generation college students. Lightweis, Susan Essay Sep 1, 2014 3250
Anxiety, depression, and a sense of acceptance in female Japanese university students. Asai, Miho; Kato, Daiki Report Aug 1, 2014 2738
Homeschool family sends seven kids to college--all by age 12! Jul 7, 2014 353
Student-centered education for a diverse 21st century student population. Sandoval-Lucero, Elena Jul 3, 2014 737
Gap grows. Davis, Crystal Brief article May 8, 2014 134
Substance use among students of professional Institutes of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. Kalsoom, Um e; Azeemi, Mian Mukhtar ul Haque; Farid, Khushboo Report Mar 31, 2014 3098
No shelter: community colleges grapple with ways to help students without housing. Young, Earni Dec 19, 2013 1699
Does the sexual self-control model for women apply to undergraduate men? Quinn-Nilas, Christopher; Kennett, Deborah J.; Humphreys, Terry P. Report Dec 1, 2013 5877
Predictors of body dissatisfaction in Asian and Caucasian males: a preliminary test of a three factor model. Brown, Jac; Bardoukas, Nicolas Report Mar 22, 2013 7024
Motivation, self-regulated learning efficacy, and academic achievement among international and domestic students at an urban community college: a comparison. Liao, Hsiang-Ann; Ferdenzi, Anita Cuttita; Edlin, Margot Report Sep 22, 2012 9681
Success and persistence of developmental mathematics students based on age and ethnicity. Wolfle, James D. Report Sep 22, 2012 5526
Prevalence and associated factors of emotional disorder among Malaysian university Students. Naggar, Redhwan Ahmed Al-; Naggar, Dhekra Hamoud Al- Report Jul 1, 2012 3924
Problematic mobile phone using among the Polish and Belarusian University students, a comparative study. Krajewska-Kulak, E.; Kulak, W.; Stryzhak, A.; Szpakow, A.; Prokopowicz, W.; Marcinkowski, J.T. Report Jun 1, 2012 4415
Physical activity and its relation to health-related physical fitness in students. Irena, Kaminska; Anna, Mihailova; Anda, Bernane Report Jun 1, 2012 5497
The effect of sport activity to the education: on social development, mental development, schooling development and physical development in Turkish students of public administration. Temel, Veysel; Akpinar, Selahattin; Nas, Kazim Report Jun 1, 2012 3574
Effects of exercise on PR intervals, QRS durations and QTC intervals in male and female students of University of Abuja. Report Mar 31, 2012 1977
The relationship between cognitive dissonance and the big-5 factors model of the personality and the academic achievement in a sample of female students at the University of Umm Al Qura. Otaibi, Sameera Moharib B. Al Essay Mar 22, 2012 8231
The relationship between cognitive dissonance and decision-making styles in a sample of female students at the University of Umm Al Qura. Allahyani, Mariam Hameed Ahmed Essay Mar 22, 2012 9957
Click click: over 1,000 international college students detail traditional computer usage. Carder, Sheri; Gatlin-Watts, Rebecca; Rubach, Michael Report Jan 1, 2012 7407
Health promoting behaviours of Turkish and Foreigner University students. Mehmet, Yardimci; Kadir, Yildiz; Nazmi, Saritas; Betul, Coskun Report Jan 1, 2012 3053
Influx of Asian Pacific Americans/Veterans in American Universities. Bailey, Steven Abstract Aug 17, 2011 268
Ethnic minority-majority status and mental health: the mediating role of perceived discrimination. Cokley, Kevin; Hall-Clark, Brittany; Hicks, Dana Report Jul 1, 2011 8358
Underserved Students Who Earn Credit through Prior Learning Assessment (PLA) Have Higher Degree Completion Rates and Shorter Time-to-Degree. Research Brief. Klein-Collins, Rebecca Report Apr 1, 2011 258
Making the Grade: Texas Early College High Schools Prepare Students for College. Executive Summary. Report Mar 1, 2011 208
Race unknown: for a small but growing number of multiracial students, freedom means being able to identify multiple ethnicities, or none at all. Gray, Katti Statistical data Feb 17, 2011 1186
Problematic Internet Use among Turkish University Students: A Multidimensional Investigation Based on Demographics and Internet Activities. Tekinarslan, Erkan; Gurer, Melih Derya Abstract Jan 1, 2011 276
Cardiovascular risk factors, caloric intake and practice of physical activity in college students. A preliminary study. Diaz, C. Inmaculada Martinez; Paez, Luis Carrasco; Corrales, Borja Sanudo; Moises, Lora De Hoyo; Och Report Jan 1, 2011 2856
Self reported physical activity among University Students in Ajman, UAE. Report Dec 31, 2010 3518
Comparing millennials to pre-1987 students and with one another. Stewart, Kenneth D.; Bernhardt, Paul C. Report Dec 1, 2010 8580
Comparison of Health Status and Health Behaviors between Female Graduate and Undergraduate College Students. Bulmer, Sandra Minor; Irfan, Syed; Barton, Barbara; Vancour, Michele; Breny, Jean Report Dec 1, 2010 271
Assessing cultural orientation, cultural fit, and help-seeking attitudes of Latina undergraduates. Gloria, Alberta M.; Castellanos, Jeanett; Segura-Herrera, Theresa A.; Mayorga, Melissa Report Sep 22, 2010 7024
Cluster types of attitudes toward multiple role planning of single, korean, female undergraduates. Woo, Young Jee; Lee, Ki-Hak Report Jun 1, 2010 7738
Reading and media habits of college students varying by sex and remedial status. Burgess, Stephen R.; Jones, Kelanie K. Report Jun 1, 2010 8149
The comparement of haematological symptoms of Physical Education and Sports College's students. Koc, Hurmuz; Pulur, Atilla; Polat, Yahya; Yardimci, Mehmet; Kaya, Mustafa; Coksevim, Bekir Report Jun 1, 2010 3877
Study on the manifestation of creative attitudes in physical education students. Rata, Gloria; Rata, Bogdan Constantin; Rata, Marinela; Mares, Gabriel Report Jun 1, 2010 2920
The investigation somatotype profiles of university students. Nazmi, Saritas; Irfan, Ozkarafaki; Osman, Pepe; Serdar, Buyukipekci; Bekir, Coksevim Report Jun 1, 2010 4791
Legal (under)representation. Brief article Apr 1, 2010 249
Adult attachment; lesbian, gay, and bisexual identity; and sexual attitudes of nonheterosexual individuals. Wang, Chia-Chih D.C.; Schale, Codi L.; Broz, Kristina K. Mar 22, 2010 9204
Urban Debate and High School Educational Outcomes. Brief article Mar 22, 2010 104
Insult or honor? More than 2,000 schools have given up Indian mascots in response to protests from Native Americans. But one tribe wants to keep its place on college Jerseys. Davey, Monica Cover story Feb 8, 2010 1468
Race-blind College Admissions--back to the drawing board: if higher education is to successfully promote diversity enrollment, it will take a combination of targeted programs. Hilton, Adriel A.; Ingram, Ted N. Jan 7, 2010 846
A comparative study between non-traditional and traditional students in terms of their demographics, attitudes, behavior and educational performance. Newbold, John J.; Mehta, Sanjay S.; Forbus, Patricia Report Jan 1, 2010 8147
Using Latina/o Critical Race Theory (LatCrit) and racist nativism to explore intersectionality in the educational experiences of undocumented Chicana college students. Huber, Lindsay Perez Report Jan 1, 2010 9182
Student enrollment, by race/ethnicity. Table Dec 10, 2009 147
Gender differences in international students' adjustment. Lee, Seungcheol Austin; Park, Hee Sun; Kim, Wonsun Report Dec 1, 2009 5025
Stress and substance use among ASIAN American and Latino college students. Ratanasiripong, Paul; Burkey, Heidi; Ratanasiripong, Nop Report Dec 1, 2009 3213
'Visible' diversity and the university: insistence on the symbolism of 'visible' diversity in a diversity officer hinders real advancement. Chubin, Daryl E. Jul 23, 2009 873
Look to diversity for America's re-emergence: the key to America's success is to educate its increasingly diverse population. Qayoumi, Mohammad H. Essay Jul 9, 2009 797
A deceiving label? There's growing debate among educators on whether the umbrella Asian Pacific Islander label conceals disparities among Asian American students or provides political power in numbers. Lum, Lydia Jun 11, 2009 1222
Political orientation, hostile media perceptions, and group-centrism. Stalder, Daniel R. Report Jun 1, 2009 6751
Understanding the relationship between sport team identification and dimensions of social well-being. Wann, Daniel L.; Weaver, Stephen Jun 1, 2009 4277
Predicting College Retention and Dropout: Sex and Disability. Jorgensen, Shirley; Ferraro, Vittoria; Fichten, Catherine; Havel, Alice Report Jun 1, 2009 299
Women in the Digital Realm. Welch, Kathleen Ethel Author abstract Mar 11, 2009 158
HBCUs: segregated, but not segregating: those who seek to bring more Whites into historically Black colleges should suggest constructive solutions for improving the quality of these institutions. Rivers, Larry O. Mar 5, 2009 723
College-Going and University Eligibility: Differences between Racial/Ethnic Groups. Report 09-11. Griffin, Adrian Report Mar 1, 2009 122
A Study of Multiple Intelligences, Foreign Language Success and Some Selected Variables. Saricaoglu, Aysel; Arikan, Arda Report Jan 1, 2009 265
Predicting the At Risk Status of College Students: Males and Students with Disabilities. Final Report Presented to PAREA, Spring 2009. Jorgensen, Shirley; Fichten, Catherine; Havel, Alice Report Jan 1, 2009 279
White, male, and "minority": racial consciousness among white male undergraduates attending a historically Black university. Peterson, R. Darrell; Hamrick, Florence A. Report Jan 1, 2009 10104
"Men are dogs": is the stereotype justified? Data on the cheating college male. Knox, David; Vail-Smith, Karen; Zusman, Marty Report Dec 1, 2008 3428
Understanding campus climate through the voices of Filipina/o American college students. Maramba, Dina C. Report Dec 1, 2008 7298
Reshaping the landscape, one student at a time. Jackson, Kirk Beldon Nov 27, 2008 503
The Influence of Wealth and Race in Four-Year College Attendance. Research & Occasional Paper Series: CSHE.18.08. Jez, Su Jin Author abstract Nov 1, 2008 276
Undergraduate Research Participation at the University of California, Berkeley. Research & Occasional Paper Series: CSHE.17.08. Berkes, Elizabeth Author abstract Nov 1, 2008 318
A Social Distance Study of American Participants in a China Study Abroad Program. Chen, Dan-xia Report Sep 30, 2008 150
Let's talk about race, baby: how a white professor teaches white students about white privilege & racism. Heinze, Peter Sep 22, 2008 9728
Same Vague Expression, Different Conceptualizations. Yang, Xi-yao; Wu, Yong-an Report Sep 1, 2008 208
Historical analysis of college campus interracial dating. Firmin, Michael W.; Firebaugh, Stephanie Report Sep 1, 2008 3227
Public Speaking Course and the Hearing-Impaired College Student: Classroom Communication, Challenges and Rewards. Hureau, Marcelle S. M. Report Jul 1, 2008 221
Perceptions of Underprepared Community College Students Regarding Their Educational Achievement: Preliminary Analysis of a Pilot Study. Barbatis, Peter Author abstract Mar 27, 2008 191
The Relations between Decision Making in Social Relationships and Decision Making Styles. Sari, Enver Author abstract Mar 3, 2008 405
Depression and racial/ethnic variations within a diverse nontraditional college sample. Hudson, Richard; Towey, James; Shinar, Ori Report Mar 1, 2008 5122
Traditional and non-traditional college students' descriptions of the "ideal" professor and the "ideal" course and perceived strengths and limitations. Strage, Amy Report Mar 1, 2008 2894
Expectations and perceptions of undergraduate research mentoring: comparing first generation, low income white/Caucasian and African American students. Ishiyama, John Report Sep 1, 2007 4419
Age, gender and ethnic differences in prevalence of overweight and obesity in Asian American college students and their parents using different BMI cutoffs. Wang, Li Hui; Chen, Ying Chang; Chung, Angela Ka; Poon, George; Lew, Polong; Tam, Chick F. Report Sep 1, 2007 8793
Becoming Less Separate? School Desegregation, Justice Department Enforcement, and the Pursuit of Unitary Status. Author abstract Sep 1, 2007 437
Self-regulation of learning and academic delay of gratification: gender and ethnic differences among college students. Bembenutty, Hefer Report Jun 22, 2007 8808
Ethics and music: a comparison of students at predominantly white and black colleges, and their attitudes toward file sharing. Gerlich, R. Nicholas; Turner, Nancy; Gopalan, Suresh Report May 1, 2007 4567
An analysis of the current status of student debt: implications for helping vulnerable students manage debt. Dale, Larry R.; Bevill, Sandra Report May 1, 2007 3056
Characteristics of male and female victims of sexual coercion. Hartwick, Cailey; Desmarais, Serge; Hennig, Karl Report Mar 22, 2007 8606
Sensation-seeking and college students' credit card debt. Huang, Yan; Weagley, Robert O. Jan 1, 2007 3040
The Socioeconomic Well-Being of Washington State: Who Attends Community and Technical College. Research Report No. 06-4. Report Sep 1, 2006 308
College students' gender differences regarding e-mail. Punyanunt-Carter, Narissra M.; Hemby, Charles O. Sep 1, 2006 838
Do drinking practices at university differ among students coming from urban and rural centers? a preliminary examination of knowledge, attitudes and beliefs. Fletcher, Paula C.; Skinner, Kate Jun 1, 2006 4685
Factors Affecting the Retention, Persistence, and Attainment of Undergraduate Students at Public Urban Four Year Higher Education Institutions. Murphy, Kevin B. Report May 14, 2006 231
Change between entry and graduation in MSW student views on social work's traditional mission, career motivations, and practice preferences: Caucasian, student of color, and American Indian group comparisons. Limb, Gordon E.; Organista, Kurt C. Mar 22, 2006 10590
Community college student attraction to an English course: The associations among student gender, the gender of the author of assigned reading, and the style of reading. Johnson, B. Bownes; Newton, R.M. Brief article Mar 22, 2006 151
Higher education: inequality by locality. Statistical table Mar 1, 2006 1274
Study: more students don't identify racial/ethnic background on college applications. Jan 26, 2006 387
Black leaders urge University of Colorado to go on offensive against racism. Jan 26, 2006 506
Conferring meaning onto alcohol-related violence: an analysis of alcohol use and gender in a sample of college youth. Peralta, Robert L.; Cruz, J. Michael Jan 1, 2006 7054
Minors on Campus: Underage Students at Community Colleges. Report Jan 1, 2006 326
The Net Generation Goes to University? Cameron, David Report Dec 1, 2005 225
Access to the Most Selective Private Colleges by High-Ability, Low-Income Students: Are They Out There? Discussion Paper No. 69. Winston, Gordon C.; Hill, Catharine B. Report Oct 1, 2005 328
Lessons to be learned: promoting multicultural discourse through a college minority student discussion panel. Brown, Mark S.; Woods, Susan Sep 22, 2005 3859
Freshman Learning Communities, College Performance, and Retention. Working Paper 2005-22. Hotchkiss, Julie L.; Moore, Robert E.; Pitts, M. Melinda Author abstract Sep 1, 2005 151
College Course-Taking Patterns in the Arts. Research Note Number 88. Mizell, Lee Report Apr 1, 2005 186
Hunger for justice. Brief Article Apr 1, 2005 141
Challenges in Improving Latino College Enrollment: Opportunities for Systemic Change Viewpoints from California. Report Mar 1, 2005 189
College students sexuality education, sexual behaviors and sexual behavioral intent. Kelley, R. Mark Survey Jan 1, 2005 6028
The Characteristics of Occupational Students in Postsecondary Education. CCRC Brief Number 21. Bailey, Thomas; Leinbach, Timothy; Scott, Marc; Alfonso, Mariana; Kienzl, Gregory; Kennedy, Benjamin Report Aug 1, 2004 222
Where have all the young men gone? McCleaster, Sandra Mar 22, 2004 997
What are the Chances of Getting into a UC School? A Look at the Course-Taking Patterns of High School Students For UC Admissions Eligibility. CSE Report 623. Choi, Kilchan; Shin, Edward Report Mar 1, 2004 256
UA enrollment sets record. Brief Article Oct 6, 2003 208
Statistics anxiety: the nontraditional student. Bill, James A. Sep 22, 2003 1750
Mission, multiculturalism, and the liberal arts college: a qualitative investigation. Martinez Aleman, Ana M.; Salkever, Katya Sep 1, 2003 13520
Separate but equal? Less diversity means fewer resources for black students. (Facts & Figures). Jefferson, Aisha I. Brief Article Jul 1, 2003 273
The interplay between ethnicity, religion, and gender among second-generation Christian and Muslim Arabs in Montreal. Eid, Paul Jun 22, 2003 13944
Reports: wallowing economy pushing up transfer rates. Mar 31, 2003 697
At Ga. College, laid-off workers work on their futures. (around campus). Mar 3, 2003 314
Report: minorities flock to 2-year colleges. (around the nation). Manzo, Kathleen Kennedy Oct 28, 2002 457
Women outnumber men at Mich. community colleges. Brief Article Sep 16, 2002 410
Focus and drive motivate student. (Education & Training). Henderson, Eldon Brief Article Aug 1, 2002 474
Geographic patterns of student enrollment in Ohio's state-assisted universities (1). Smith, Bruce W.; Spinelli, Joseph G.; Zhou, Yu Jun 1, 2002 2364
Social class and college costs: Examining the financial nexus between college choice and persistence. Paulsen, Michael B.; John, Edward P. Statistical Data Included Mar 1, 2002 20069
First-generation college students at a four-year university: background characteristics, reasons for pursuing higher education, and first-year experiences. Bui, Khanh Van T. Statistical Data Included Mar 1, 2002 3850
The girls beat the boys! (Short stuff). Feb 1, 2002 124
The courts close in on the diversity rationale. (State Of The Nation). Bresler, Robert J. Brief Article Jan 1, 2002 1025
Global reach of local colleges keeps growing: report shows increase in international student populations at community colleges. (around the nation). Manzo, Kathleen Kennedy Statistical Data Included Dec 24, 2001 1398
The New "3Rs": gender and the science and engineering classroom. Sneller, Judy E. Dec 22, 2001 3806
Higher education for the juvenile-to-geriatric set. (Cover Story). Statistical Data Included Oct 29, 2001 1407
Ten years of demographics: Who debates in America. Stepp, Pamela L.; Gardner, Beth Statistical Data Included Sep 22, 2001 7154
North Carolina Opens Colleges Up to Children. Brief Article Aug 6, 2001 345
Red Rocks Quashes 10-year-old's College Quest. Brief Article Aug 6, 2001 264
A Problem that Dares Not Speak Its Name. SOMMERS, CHRISTINA HOFF Brief Article Mar 22, 2001 926
Report: Community Colleges Should Be a Better Gateway for Women, Minorities in Science and Technology Careers. MANZO, KATHLEEN KENNEDY Dec 25, 2000 558
14-Year-Old Twins Begin College. Brief Article Oct 30, 2000 480
Dogu Akdeniz Universitesi'nde kadinin konumu: bir inceleme. Mertan, Biran Jun 1, 2000 2747
Affirmative Action for Men? POLLITT, KATHA Dec 27, 1999 1013

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