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Democrats will continue tax enslavement.

Democrats will continue tax enslavement

Our subdivision saw the highest foreclosures in Illinois. Home values plummeted since 2008 and have not recovered as hoped, as more folks flee. Real estate taxes increased. Last year, we got a 32 percent income tax hike by Michael Madigan Democrats, vetoed by Gov. Bruce Rauner.

The incessant taxing of our family of four keeps us on a slippery slope, in fear that another tax is around the corner. Democrat JB Pritzker, who wants a progressive tax or candidate for the IL-6 congressional district Democrat Sean Casten want to take our "crumbs" away and end the beneficial tax cut that congressman Peter Roskam helped craft with the Trump administration. That tax cut gave my family real welcomed relief and helps offset the Democrats' income tax increase last year and an increase in my real estate taxes. "The Donald giveth, and the Democrats take it away."

Casten also supports a gas tax and would "raise taxes to grow the economy." Not surprisingly, Casten and Pritzker, who inherited their money, would jump on the tax bandwagon. Pritzker wants to hike taxes, (but uses Madigan's Chicago law-firm to lower his taxes on mansions.) Democrats are hungry to increase power and grow their racket. (With no Republicans in Chicago, Democrats are culpable for their massive budget problems.)

Jobs will continue to go to Wisconsin and Indiana. Nobody wants to move to Illinois with more taxes coming. Democrats think tax enslavement works and refuse to tackle the waste, fraud and abuse of our money by a corrupt big-state government. My family won't support Democrats. We will leave for a Red State if Democrats keep control of the state legislature and take congressional seats. Casten will go to Washington to vote lockstep with Rep. Nancy Pelosi, who once said, "You can take that to the bank!"

Linda and Frank Prestia


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Publication:Daily Herald (Arlington Heights, IL)
Geographic Code:1U3IL
Date:Oct 10, 2018
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