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Democrats on China.

Not since the period before the Civil War has the partisan divide in Washington, D.C., been as large and bitter as it is today. Washington has become a cauldron of contempt and a bastion of stalemate.

The one exception is on issues relating to China. Nonpartisan officials who regularly make the rounds on Capitol Hill say they have been stunned by how strongly Congressional Democrats privately support President Donald Trump's position on trade with China. Indeed, Trump's Democratic support in this one area may exceed his Republican support.

One Democratic House committee leader privately said, "I hate the man and disagree with him on every other issue, but I admire his stance on China." All of which means there is a good chance trade with China will be a central issue of the 2020 presidential campaign. President Trump wouldn't have it any other way.

President Xi and other Chinese leaders are toying with the idea of waiting out Trump in the hope, say, of a Biden victory in November 2020. Former Vice President Joe Biden is perceived as potentially less hardline than Trump on China issues. But that may be a miscalculation. A President Biden, pushed hard by his own party, may have no choice but to be as tough on China as Mr. Tariff himself.

Joe Biden:

Tariff Man II?

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Date:Mar 22, 2019
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