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Democracy is dead in European Union; VOICE OF THE NORTH.

IT is true that a majority voted for entry into the European Economic Community, but we were never asked to give our permission for the United Kingdom to become politically involved in the European Union, quite a different proposition. We, the people, have been had.

How utterly contemptible is the decision to fire Ireland a "second go" at a Lisbon Treaty referendum. What a farce. In Brussels, democracy is dead. Where is our referendum? New Labour is terrified it might lose (which, of course, it would). The EU is set on empire-building. Empires come, empires go. The EU will dissolve in ignominious fashion, maybe sooner, maybe later, but fail it will.

We're better off out. We cannot afford to expose future generations to further damage from nation-wreckers who operate offshore.

May I add that the Chinese regime is ultra-oppressive. Tibet is being raped, its peoples humiliated. The EU stands and stares. JOHN WARMINGHAM, Wetheral, Cumbria
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Publication:The Journal (Newcastle, England)
Date:Jul 20, 2009
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