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Democide in Zimbabwe.

As defined by political scientist R.J. Rummel, "democide" is systematic slaughter of a subject population by its government. This can take the form of genocide--a targeted attack on a specific ethnic or religious group--or "politicide," the liquidation of an economic class or other groups deemed enemies of the ruling state. Some combination of the foregoing is underway in Zimbabwe, as that nation's Communist ruler Robert Mugabe conducts a Cambodian-style "cleansing" of the cities.

"After Mugabe handed over white-owned farms to his cronies who didn't know how to farm, a million jobs were lost and the workers and their families migrated to cities and towns," writes Roger Bate in the June 27 Weekly Standard. "The current attacks on urban centers are part of a corrective strategy to drive perhaps two million people back onto the land. Once there, they will be cut off from the rest of the country and at the mercy of government-controlled food supplies." And scant "mercy" can be expected from the Mugabe regime. "We would be better off with only six million people, with our own people who support the liberation struggle," commented secret-police chief Didymus Mutasa in 2002.

Mugabe's regime has already made significant progress toward that demonic goal, reducing--through famine, murder, and the flight of terrorized citizens--Zimbabwe's population from 13 million just a few years ago to 10 million today. "By the end of this year," Bate predicts, "Mugabe may be well on his way to halving his population."
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