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Demand-led, image-fed; PRIDE OF CHRYSLER: Full production for spirited Crossfire.


CONTINUING its industry-leading track record of taking breakthrough concept vehicles to reality, the Chrysler Group today announced its intention to build a production version of the Chrysler Crossfire concept car.

Voted one of show-goers' favourite concept cars on this year's motor show circuit, the Chrysler Crossfire sports coupe - which combines American spirit and power with international flair and proportions - was first unveiled at the 2001 North American International Auto Show, in Detroit in January.

"You could just see the pure emotion in show-goers' reaction to the Chrysler Crossfire, " said Wolfgang Bernhard, chief operating officer of the Chrysler Group.

"Their eyes lit up with enthusiasm. They didn't ask if we were going to build it; they practically demanded that we build it.

"We believe this will be another winner for us, and we will make sure the production version of the Chrysler Crossfire captures the emotion and character of the concept car."

The production version of the Crossfire concept will give the Chrysler brand another exciting and aspirational vehicle - joining the Chrysler PT Cruiser, Neon, Voyager, Prowler and others - to reinforce the brand's expressive and innovative appeal. As an image car, Crossfire represents the Chrysler Group's flexibility and speed in decision-making. It also proves that the company's product pipeline is full, with more unexpected and aspirational vehicles to come.

"The Chrysler Group leads the industry in breakthrough vehicle design, " said Jim Schroer, executive vice president of global sales and marketing.

"The Chrysler Crossfire sets the tone for the sports coupe of the future - much in the same way the Chrysler PT Cruiser redefined compact cars. It's a unique car that you fall in love with, a car that you aspire to own and are proud to drive.

"We recognise the importanc of continuing to lead and being progressive. Chrysler Crossfire will stay true to its American heritage, while adding global appeal. Bernhard said, "In only six months we solved all the technical and feasibility issues, completed a business plan and funded this product programme."

The company will announce more news about the Chrysler Crossfire at the 2002 Greater Los Angeles Auto Show in the USA next January.


CONCEPTION TO PRODUCTION: A version of the Chrysler Crossfire Concept Car is on its way
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Title Annotation:Motoring
Publication:Western Mail (Cardiff, Wales)
Date:Aug 31, 2001
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