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Demand the best: pointe shoes to meet your expectations.

Dancers are supposed to suffer for their art, right? No entirely. It might seem romantic to agonize in your poi shoes, bur you don't have to. Expect more from your sh If you're falling off pointe or having trouble balancing, turning, or rolling through your foot--it might not be your fault. Ladies, don't settle. Your ideal match probably won't be the same pair your favorite dancer or your best friend wears. Keep looking until you find "the one" Here's a pool of eligible candidates to get you started!--Khara Hanlon


Muse by Russian Pointe

A pre-arched shoe in your choice of a V-cut vamp with no drawstring or a U-cut vamp with a drawstring. It has an extra-wide platform, generous box, and medium crown. $80

V-Vamp shoe by Fuzi

A low-vamp shoe suited for feet with high arches. It features a durable but flexible shank and soft pads at the heel and box for comfort. $58

I need my shoes to not be a distraction. The more they are a part of my body, the better off I am. I don't want to fight against the shoe."

--Emily Gotschall, Ballet Met

"I want to have a line all the way through my leg straight and down. My shoe shouldn't let me overshoot in my arch or pull me back."

--Andrea Vierra, Nashville Ballet


Stage Pro by Gamba

Includes supple full-sole and a choice of medium or large box. A shoe designed for advanced dancers. $70

Glisse Pro by Capezio/ Ballet Makers, Inc.

Features a medium vamp, low sides, low heel, wide platform and hand-flattened crown Designed with new pleating for quieter steps. $7.5

Hannah by Bloch

A lightweight shoe deslgned for dancers who want to build strength Built on a curved last with a supple InSOle desin. Features include: a medium vamp, wide platform, full outsole, and low-cut skies $69

"I don't like having a drawstring. You're always worried about tucking in that little knot."

--Helen Daigle, Louisville Ballet

"I'm in the corps and we do a lot of full-lengths. I need the shoe to last all the way through a ballet like Swan Lake.

They need to be light, but they need to last."

--Chelsea Adomaitis, corps de ballet, Pacific Northwest Ballet


Lyrica by Sansha

Designed for students with medium feet. It has a high V-shaped vamp, very strong shank, high sides, and a streamlined box. $36

Gala by Prima Soft

Designed to encourage rolling through the foot, the Gala features the Prima Soft "perfect--placement toe box." Choose natural or hard graduated shank. $70

Freed Classic

Choose a standard shoe or opt for a special order. Standard options include your choice of vamp depth and width. $94 ($100 for a special order)

La Carlotta by Repetto

Equally suited for pre-professional or professional use. La Carlotta features a reinforced tip and comfortable box. $78

Claudia by So Danca

Features a V-cut vamp and drawstrings to avoid gaping. Designed to promote balancing with lateral support and broad box. $66

"In contemporary work I wear a more broken-in shoe with a softer tip and shank so I can lean off and not slip. If the shoe hasn't had time to relax then you'll fall or go over too far."--Aara Krumpe, Ballet Austin

"I have small feet, and on small shoes the tip is all that much smaller. So I look for a nice, flat, large platform."--Kimberly Cowen, Kansas City Ballet


Solo Prequel by Suffolk Pointe

Constructed to discourage "sitting" in the shoe. It has a broad platform for stability and a low, U shaped vamp. $95

Triumph by Grishko

Designed based on features requested by Diana Vishneva and Svetlana Zakharova. A lightweight shoe with large platform, anti-slip sole, low heel, and U-shaped vamp. $87.95

Advanced Pointe shoe (#MS101A) by Mirella Features include a short, U-shaped vamp and low-cut sides. The outer sole is curved to hug the foot and has flat pleats for stability. $73

Veronese II by Chacott

A lightweight shoe that is easy to break in. It has a tapered, V-shaped vamp and is designed with young dancers in mind. $90

Custom shoe by Gaynor Minden

Each shoe is customized. You choose your overall length, box, width, shank stiffness, vamp length, heel height, and satin. From $102.50


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