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Demand for plumbing fixtures and fittings in the US is forecast to increase 4.7 percent per year through 2002 to $9.3 billion.

Demand for plumbing fixtures and fittings in the US is forecast to increase 4.7 percent per year through 2002 to $9.3 billion. Gains will be spurred by residential repair and improvement expenditures, especially for bathroom and kitchen remodeling. A growing segment of the population aged 45 to 64 will have the means to finance renovations, and the development of fittings that are easier to install will encourage do-it-yourself projects. While housing starts will fall during the period, the effect on demand for bathroom plumbing products will be offset partially by increases in the average number of bathrooms per structure and more intensive use of fixtures and fittings per bathroom. The dollar value of demand will benefit from growing demand for higher-end products such as whirlpool bathtubs, hot tubs and spas, shower systems and multiple feature showerheads. These and other trends are presented in Plumbing Fixtures & Fittings, a new study from The Freedonia Group, Inc., a Cleveland-based industrial market research firm.

Plumbing fixture shipments are projected to rise over 4 percent per annum through 2002 to $4 billion. Unit growth will be a slower 1.4 percent annually, reflecting the stronger prospects for high-value fixtures such as whirlpool bathtubs, hot tubs and spas, and shower systems. Product innovations in each of these segments have encouraged interest in "recreational bathing." Shower stall shipments will be aided by the additions of showers to bathrooms in older homes, the installation of separate showers and bathtubs in new homes and by the development of products that combine showers with steam baths or whirlpool bathtubs in one compact unit. Many of these faster-growing fixtures are made from plastics such as acrylic and fiberglass, helping to drive increases in plastics fixtures at a faster rate than other materials. Plastics will also gain through the supplanting of metals in conventional bathtubs.

Shipments of plumbing fittings are expected to grow 5 percent per annum through 2002 to $4.9 billion. Bathtub and shower fittings and sink fittings will each grow at above-average rates, driven by product enhancements, remodeling expenditures on bathrooms and kitchens, and trends toward extra fixtures such as multiple lavatories per bathroom and whirlpool baths. Product enhancements such as the development of antitarnish finishes and the spread of ceramic disc valving to lower-end fittings will spur replacement demand for existing fittings. Shipments of thermostatic temperature control valves and pressure-balanced valves will increase because of changes in building codes and concerns about scalding dangers when multiple demands are made on a residence's plumbing system.

Plumbing Fixtures & Fittings (published 8/98, 244 pages) is available for $3400 from The Freedonia Group, Inc., 767 Beta Drive, Cleveland, Ohio 44143-2326. For further details, please contact Corinne Gangloff by phone 440.684.9600, fax 646.0484 or e-mail Full text is also available online through commercial database companies and the Web site.

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Publication:Research Studies - Freedonia Group
Date:Aug 1, 1998
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